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The Rundown -- May 31

RFE/RL In The Media
# "CBS" and "Global Post" cite RFE/RL reporting on corruption in Sochi

International Press Review

# Another case against Mikhail Khodorkovsky may be in the works
# "Russia's Middle East Gambit" - Dmitri Trenin, "Tablet"
# Mark Adomanis says Russia's economic woes are tied to the eurozone
# A look at the medals for the Sochi Olympics

# Iran's hackers may be scarier than China's
# The U.S. says Iran is sponsoring terrorism abroad

# "The Economist" on dealing with Pakistan's militants
# A successful all-female rock fest in Afghanistan may not have a future
# Imran Khan wants Pakistan to shoot down U.S. drones
# Pakistan may move some nukes to subs
# The Red Cross has suspended work in Afghanistan

Of Interest
# The return of fascism in Europe
# Larry King was on the board of Georgia's TV9
# A woman from Michigan was killed while fighting for the opposition in Syria
# The geopolitics of the Internet

Boston Bombing
# Dzhokar Tsarnaev is up and walking around
# The suspect shot in Florida was apparently unarmed

Science & Technology
# Amelia Earhart's plane may have been found
# How birds and baby humans learn to talk
# The remains of Earth's first bird were found in China

U.S. Politics/Foreign Policy
# A huge contingent of lawmakers and advisors makes its way to Baku
# The most powerful man in the White House