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The Rundown -- June 7

# "U.S.-Russia Ties: Better than You Think" - Jeffrey Mankoff, "CNN"
# Russia is not training Syria on the S-300 system (yet)
# Julia Ioffe on the breaking up of the Putins
# Vladimir Putin's OKCupid profile

# The clash of Iran's culture warriors
# Small town Iranians share their thoughts on the campaign

# "Can Pakistan Avert Demographic Doom?" - Michael Kugelman, "The Diplomat"
# NATO commits to a post-2014 training mission
# There are more than 100,000 private contractors in Afghanistan

Of Interest
# Six Georgian soldiers were killed in a suicide attack in Afghanistan
# Europe criticizes Azerbaijan over the country's defamtion law

Science & Technology
# Mammoth remains in Russia will be taxed as "natural resources"
# Can someone own human's genetic code?
# Mapping Antarctica's mountains

U.S. Politics/Foreign Policy
# More on the data mining efforts of the NSA (the administration responds)
# The list of tech companies involved in the surveillance
# "What's the Matter with Metadata?" - Jane Mayer, "The New Yorker"
# Americans are increasingly skeptical of foreign involvement
# The CIA didn't always know who it was targeting with drones