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The Rundown -- June 11

RFE/RL In The Media
# Khadija Ismayilova has been sentenced to forced labor
# "The Wall St. Journal" cites RFE/RL's interview with Wendy Sherman

International Press Review

# The Russian parliament will debate a new anti-gay law
# Russia "would consider" granting Edward Snowden asylum
# The domestic politics of Russia's Syria stance
# Russia will try a new orphan experiment

# "Should Iran's Election Really Be Discounted?" - Faredeh Farhi, "Lobe Log"
# How Iran's poor look to Tehran
# Targeting journalists in Iran

# Nawaz Sharif says he will end secret approval for drone strikes
# The Taliban beheaded two boys in Afghanistan
# The U.S. has issued a waiver on the sale of arms to Pakistan
# Stephen Biddle on post-2014 Afghanistan

Of Interest
# Recep Tayyip Erdogan will meet with protest leaders in Turkey
# Apple's iOS 7 is on the horizon
# The difficulties of preserving digital art

NSA Leak Case
# Edward Snowden is a hero (or he is not a hero)
# "Our Privatized National Security State" - Michael Hirsh, "National Journal"
# "In Snowden’s Privacy Fight, the Spies are Likely to Win" - Gideon Rachman, "Financial Times"
# Investigators why Snowden was granted the access he was (and if he worked alone)

U.S. Politics/Foreign Policy
# The U.S. filed charges against another Guantanamo inmate
# The Senate will debate immigration reform