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The Rundown -- June 12

RFE/RL In The Media
# Read RFE/RL in "The Atlantic" on Balkan militants in Syria

International Press Review

# It's the economy, stupid
# March of the reformers?
# Meet the (fictional) woman running for president of Iran
# Iran is the big winner in the Syria unrest
# Iran will sell diesel to Pakistan and Afghanistan
# A map of global public opinion of Iran

# Russia's ban on "homosexual propaganda" passed the Duma 436-0
# Russia has a lot of shale oil and gas

# The Taliban has a "renewed determination"...
# ... But the group needs to be brought to the table
# Some Pakistani villagers will not take polio vaccinations until their power is restored

RFE/RL Target Region
# "The New York Times" reports from Mitrovica
# "Why Azerbaijan Should Matter to America" - George Friedman, "Real Clear World"

Of Interest
# Protesters clashed with police in Istanbul
# Al Qaeda fighters in Mali had training manuals for MANPADS missiles
# "The Trouble Within Islam" - Tony Blair, "Project Syndicate"
# "From G8 to G20 to G Zero" - Ian Bremmer, "New Statesman"

Science & Tech
# Raise your own edible bugs
# Doctors implanted a petry-dish-grown replacement blood vessel
# 20 years later: lookign at the science of Jurassic Park

U.S. Politics/Foreign Policy
# Big tech firms want to make more NSA requests public
# "Leaders and Leakers" - James Joyner, "National Interest"
# "America: Choosing Security Over Liberty Since 1798" - Hayes Brown, "Foreign Policy"
# Immigration reform cleared its first hurdle