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The Rundown -- June 14

# The polls are open
# The latest polling data from IPOS
# "Look Beneath Iran’s Revolutionary Veneer" - Mohammed Mahfoodh Al Ardhi, "Financial Times"
# "Reading Marx in Tehran" - Mansour Osanlo, "The New York Times"
# "Bloomberg Editorial: "Why Iran's Rigged Election Matters"

# Putin on the NSA: “The way a civilized society should go about fighting terrorism.”
# Mikhail Prokhorov will not run for mayor of Moscow
# "Family Values as Putin’s Fourth Pillar" - Sean Guillory, "Read Russia"
# "Spiegel" interviews Sergei Guriev

# "The Taliban's Life of Luxury" - Ron Moreau, "Newsweek"
# A report on displaced people in Pakistan
# The U.S. ambassador tours Pakistan
# The "LA Times" reports on Afghanistan's Sikhs
# An interesting trend in Internet search traffic in Pakistan

Of Interest
# Czech Prime Minister Petr Necas says he will not resign
# Steven Spielberg and George Lucas predict "massive implosion" in film industry
# Advice from the worst dad on Earth

Science & Technology
# The U.S. Supreme Court struck down gene patents
# "Is There Happiness in Being Un-Googleable?"
# A review of iOS 7

U.S. Politics/Foreign Policy
# The U.S. will start aiding Syria's rebels (is it too late?)
# "The Secret War" - James Bamford, "Wired"
# FBI Director Mueller testifies on domestic surveillance