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The Rundown -- May 27

RFE/RL Video Roundup - May 26
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RFE/RL Video Roundup - May 26

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# Read Robert Coalson's analysis about Ukraine's new president's top priorities reprinted by Eurasia Review.

# Obama Administration Goof Reveals Name of Top U.S. Spy in Afghanistan, Foreign Policy
# US to prepare strategy with Pakistan’s help,
# Press Battle in Pakistan Feeds Into Larger Conflict: Government vs. Military - Decla Walsh, NYT
# What does Pakistan make of Narendra Modi? - M Ilyas Khan, BBC News
# I recall when Pakistan was tolerant. What happened? - Shaukat Qadir, The National
# Security issues hamper Pakistan polio drive. Officials say nearly 370,000 children are likely to miss out on vaccination especially in tribal areas along border, Al-Jazeera

# Serbian Bloc Eyes Real Power In Kosovo. Prospect of united Belgrade-backed bloc in parliament raises chance of Serbia extending its influence to heart of Kosovo’s government - Valerie Hopkins,

Central Asia
# MOL Discovers Oil, Gas In Kazakhstan Block, WSJ
# In Tajikistan’s East, New Casualties Portend Tit-for-Tat Violence, eurasianet

# Former US secretary of state Albright: Putin lies to Russian people 'on an hourly basis' - Kyiv Post
# Should Putin Be Invited to Normandy? The Russian president's actions in Ukraine are an affront to the spirit of D-Day - David Frum, The Atlantic
# Russia ready for talks with Kiev after pro-west victory in Ukrainian election, Guardian
# In Russia, Tune Changes About Leader in Ukraine, NYT
# Russia's gas deal with China underlines the risks to Europe's energy security - Sarah Lain, Guardian

# Statement by the President Barack Obama on Elections in Ukraine
# Ukraine crisis: Russia 'open to dialogue' with new leader, BBC News
# Ukraine and the rise of the 'Chocolate King'. Will the presence of an oligarch at the helm of the country be interpreted as a step back? - Remi Piet, Al-Jazeera
# New Ukrainian leader prepares to take power, vowing peace in eastern Ukraine, WP
# Ukraine: Now Comes the Hard Part - Robert Kahn, Council on Foreign Relations
# Ukraine elections: Luke Skywalker vs Princess Leia? Ukraine's two leading presidential candidates are both pro-EU. So what sets them apart? - Olesia Markovic, Al-Jazeera
# Can Petro Poroshenko Save Ukraine? - Matthew Rojansky, National Interest
# Ukraine: Free ‘Disappeared’ Journalist. Videographer Artyom Larionov Secretly Held for Two Weeks, Human Rights Watch

Of Interest
# US foreign policy: Trouble abroad. Barack Obama is accused of timidity overseas, thereby raising fear and anger among allies - Geoff Dyer, FT
# Barack Obama to set out US foreign policy strategy in West Point address, Guardian