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The Rundown -- May 28

RFE/RL Video Roundup - May 27
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RFE/RL Video Roundup - May 27

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# More Russian Arms Deals With Azerbaijan Add Insult To Armenia's Injury - Joshua Kucera, Eurasianet

# Obama in Afghanistan – 12 and a Half Years of War that Left Millions Dead - Stephen Lendman, Global Research
# U.S. Will Complete Afghan Pullout by End of 2016, Obama Says, NYT

# EU gives €65 million to help Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina with the aftermath of floods,

# Azeri blogger given 5-year jail sentence following Facebook posts criticising authorities, IFEX
# Dispatches: The High Price of Activism in Azerbaijan - Giorgi Gogia, Human Rights Watch

Eastern Europe
# Europe Borderlands: First Moves in Romania, Stratfor

Central Asia
# Tajikistan: President’s Family Expands Grip with Key Positions, eurasianet

# Iran judge summons Mark Zuckerberg to court, Telegraph
# Iran’s ayatollah hijacks feminist #YesAllWomen hashtag to blast ‘sexual sins’ of West, Washington Times
# Growing up with cancer in Iran - Avedis Hadjian, Al-Jazaeera

# Iraq: Government Attacking Fallujah Hospital, Human Rights Watch
# We need to be told why publication of the Chilcot Report has been delayed. The sooner we learn the truth about why we went to war with Iraq, the sooner the body politic can think about rebuilding our trust - Simon Kelner, Independent
# Tony Blair: I am not delaying Iraq war report. Former prime minister says it is in his interests that Chilcot findings are published as soon as possible, Guardian

# After Ukraine, Limited Prospects for U.S.-Russian Security Cooperation - Richard Weitz,World Politics Review
# “Russian Aggression Prevention Act of 2014″: Another U.S. Style Violent Regime Change?, Global Research
# EU Set to Warn Russia on Possible Further Sanctions, WSJ
# Republicans press Obama to confront Russia over alleged cheating on nuclear treaty, AP
# Russia's Rapprochement with China Runs Deep - Vasily Kashin, Moscow times
# Russia Courtship Exposes Fragile U.S.-China Ties, WSJ
# Russian Gas Reliance in Europe Skewing Sanctions Debate, Bloomberg
# Russia Pivoted East Centuries Ago - Vladislav Inozemtsev, Moscow Times
# Germany’s $104 billion in Russian trade complicates response to crisis in Ukraine, Washington Times

# Allowing prosecution of Kuchma is acid test for whether Poroshenko will put national interests above his own - Brian Bonner, Kuiv Post
# Ukraine Leaving CIS Shoots Down Kremlin's Imperial Ambitions, Moscow Times
# New Ukraine Government Launches Airstrikes and Prepares Austerity Measures, Global Research
# New York Time’s One-Sided Ukraine Narrative - Robert Parry, Global Research
# Russia Bats Off Yatsenyuk's Accusation of Gas Stealing, Moscow Times
# Despite Fighting, Hopes Rise In Ukraine, WSJ

Of Interest
# What Is Citizen Science, and How Can You Get Involved?,
# Citizen Science: New Way of Doing Real Science Work Available For Everyone,
# The US Empire is in Decline - Dave Lindorff, Eurasia Review
# Five Reasons Why the Sky Is Not Falling - Gareth Evans, Project Syndicate