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The Rundown -- May 30

RFE/RL Video Roundup -- May 29
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RFE/RL Video Roundup -- May 29

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# On the eve of Obama's visit to Poland Slawomir Sierakowsky tells the story of Jacek Kuron, a polish dissident, "the main organizer and leader of the democratic opposition of the 1960s and ’70s, without which Solidarity would not have come into being", NYT

Afghanistan / Pakistan
# Amid Drawdown, Fears of Taliban Resurgence and Economic Collapse, NYT
# Barack Obama and Afghanistan: Clock-watching, Economist
# 5 harsh truths about the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan - Kevin Sieff, WP
# 'Cutting and Running' from Afghanistan Was a Smart Move. Why the president’s critics have it wrong - Dan Reiter, Politico
# Pakistan is a land where men kill women with impunity - Rob Crilly, Telegraph
# Farzana Parveen's killing must trigger change for women in Pakistan - Aisha Sarwari, Guardian
# Is India following in Pakistan’s footsteps? - Adnan Naseemullah and Gilles Verniers, WP

# Azerbaijani Border Villages Living on the Edge - Afgan Mukhtarli, IWPR

Eastern Europe
# Why, Oh Why, Didn’t We Listen to the Eastern Europeans? They told us this could happen - Edward Lucas, Politico

# Iranian Hackers Stalked U.S. Officials, Bloomberg
# Iranian hackers are targeting U.S. officials through social networks, report says, WP
# Iran’s delicate nuclear consensus - Farzan Sabet and Aaron Stein, WP

# The truth will out: Blair and Bush's secret Iraq conversations to be revealed,

# Putin's dangerous Eurasian idea. It's not the Eurasian Economic Union that's a danger to Europe, but the Eurasian ideology behind it - Ingo Mannteufel, Deutsche Welle
# Putin Signs Economic Alliance With Kazakhstan and Belarus, NYT
# Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus form Eurasian Economic Union, WP
# Eurasian Alternative To EU Emerges Based On Hydrocarbon Economy, Moscow Times

# The not-very-nice things U.S. officials used to say about Ukraine’s new president - Adam Taylor, WP
# Can a Chocolate Mogul Save Ukraine? - Bloomberg
# Ukraine Election Results Discredit Kremlin Propaganda - David Adesnik, Forbes

Of Interest
# Are You a Cynic? The Unexpected Way It Could Affect Your Health,
# The World's Most Powerful Women 2014, Forbes
# Computer worms: A crowd-funded project aims to build the world’s first simulated organism, Economist