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The Rundown - December 2

News & views on RFE/RL's broadcast region

Obama's speech - transcript and video
# The analysis of Shields and Brooks (video)
# Analysis from the "Wall Street Journal"
# Thomas Friedman does not support a troop escalation
# David Ignatius is cautiously optimistic
# The "Wash Post" ed board calls the decision "courageous"
# The "WSJ" ed board thinks Obama needs a political surge

# Pervez Musharraf on the Afghanistan-Pakistan solution
# Ahmed Rashid on the unraveling of Pakistan
# Brian Fishman on Pakistan's terrorism problem
# The "NY Times" reports on Obama's Pakistan strategy

Iran has released the British sailors it was holding captive
# Michael Gerson on the reach of the Revolutionary Guards
# Clifford Kupchan thinks a deal with Iran is still possible
# The "Boston Globe" ed board cautions against sanctions on Iran

U.S. Politics/Foreign Policy
Christopher Hitchens on the U.S.-India relationship
# Embassy Row - the "Washington Times"