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Russian Orthodox Priest Sentenced To 14 Years For Sex With Underage Girls

Gleb Grozovsky, a Russian Orthodox priest, has been found guilty of having sex with underage girls at an Orthodox children's camp in the Leningrad region. (file photo)

A Russian Orthodox priest has been convicted on child molestation charges and sentenced to 14 years in prison.

A court in the northwestern city of Priozersk, in the Leningrad Oblast, issued the verdict and sentence against Gleb Grozovsky on January 17.

The court found Grozovsky guilty of having sex with underage girls in 2011 at a Russian Orthodox summer camp on Konevets Island near Priozersk.

At the time, Grozovsky was a priest at the Assumption Cathedral in Tsarskoye Selo outside of St. Petersburg.

The court also found Grozovsky guilty of having sex with underage girls in June 2013 at a camp in Greece, where he was rector of the St. John the Warrior Church.

Russia issued an arrest warrant for Grozovsky in October 2013. He was extradited from Israel to Russia in September 2016.

Grozovsky had told Israeli authorities he had been posted to Israel by the Russian Orthodox Church.

But the Gatchino diocese in the Leningrad region said his mission was terminated in November 2013 pending an investigation into the allegations.

Based on reporting by RIA and Rapsinews