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Putin's Promises: Has Russia Achieved The President's Goals For 2020?
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Putin's Promises: Has Russia Achieved The President's Goals For 2020?


'1,000 Percent Interest': Consumer Debt Weighs On Russian Households

A growing number of Russians are relying on loans to make ends meet each month. That means ballooning household debt and booming business for poorly regulated lenders and collection agencies.

Mad Max On Ice

Mechanics in a Russian fan club dedicated to the Mad Max movies are making their own postapocalyptic-style cars. However, unlike the vehicles seen in the dystopian action thriller, they don't drive in sandy deserts but across the ice and snow of the Siberian wilderness.

Mad Maps: Why Are Borders In Central Asia So Bizarre?

Some countries’ borders don’t seem to make any sense at all. In the first episode of a three-part series we're calling Mad Maps, we take a look at national boundaries in Central Asia, which have the power to spark violence.

A New Year Of Presidential Excess In Turkmenistan

The Turkmen president’s New Year’s party, broadcast on all state TV channels, was a display of vanity and servility as officials extolled the leader for “bringing our people to unprecedented heights,” while he took turns DJing and singing with popular artists. (Current Time TV)


Putin's Stagnant Year? Economic Headwinds Challenge Kremlin Ambitions In 2020

The Kremlin is hoping that a six-year, $400 billion National Projects initiative, targeting education, health care, science, and infrastructure, will transform the economy -- from resource-dependent and hydrocarbon-fueled to technology-driven and powered by the country’s vast and underutilized scientific and academic potential.

Medvedev Approves National Action Plan On Climate Change

Russian Prime Minister Russian Dmitry Medvedev has approved a national action plan for the first phase of adapting to climate change. It outlines economic and social measures to reduce Russia’s vulnerability to climate change, and potential favorable opportunities related to climate change.

Russian MP Zhirinovsky Bestows Rubles On ‘Peasants’

While visiting a Christmas market on Red Square in Moscow, Russian MP and leader of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia Vladimir Zhirinovsky handed out thousand-ruble bills to some of the market’s visitors, while calling them “orphans,” “disabled people,” “serfs,” and “peasants.” The State Duma’s Ethics Commission has said it will discuss the incident after the Russian holidays. (Russian Service)

Siberian Man Found Decapitated After Claiming Police Framed Him

Locals in this Siberian city are calling for an impartial investigation into the death of Dmitry Fyodorov, a 25-year-old man whose decapitated body was found on a railway late last month.

New Ukrainian Ambassador To The U.S. Assumes Post

Volodymyr Yelchenko, Ukraine’s former envoy to the UN, has presented his credentials on January 6 to U.S. President Donald Trump, thereby formally assuming the post of Ambassador, following the resignation of his predecessor Valeriy Chaly. (Ukrainian Service)

Armenian Arrested For Facebook Claim That Pashinian Congratulated Trump

Armenian authorities have arrested a man over a Facebook post that claimed Prime Minister Nikol Pashinian congratulated U.S. President Donald Trump for assassinating Iran's top military commander.

Serbian, Montenegrin Orthodox Churches Hold Dueling Christmas Ceremonies Amid Religious Tensions

Christmas Eve celebrations held by Montenegro's two Orthodox denominations in the capital on January 6 took place without incident, despite tensions between the two churches after the passage of legislation that could force the predominant Serbian Orthodox Church to turn over churches and other property to Montenegrin authorities.

Tajik Authorities Detain Dozens Alleging Membership In Banned Muslim Group

Tajik police have detained 27 people in the Tajik capital and in the regions of Sughd and Khatlo on suspicion of being members of the banned Muslim Brotherhood group.

Trial Of Two Ethnic Kazakhs From China Postponed Amid Protests

The trial of two ethnic Kazakhs charged with illegally crossing into Kazakhstan from China's northwestern region of Xinjiang has been postponed amid public protests. Murager Alimuly and Qaster Musakhanuly, who face possible deportation, crossed the Chinese-Kazakh border in October and are seeking asylum in Kazakhstan.

IRAN: Iranian Nuclear Deal On Life Support After Tehran Decides To Ignore Restrictions

IRAN: Iranian Intelligence Threatens To Seize Iranian Journalists Abroad

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