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Do You Think The Ruble Will Last Longer In The Freezer? (RFE/RL Belarus Service)
Do You Think The Ruble Will Last Longer In The Freezer? (RFE/RL Belarus Service)


Anti-Fascists March In Moscow

The march takes place annually in memory of lawyer Stanislav Markelov and journalist Anastasia Baburova, who were gunned down by radical nationalists in 2009. (Current Time TV)

Are Russians Willing To Earn Less To Fight West?

Russians responding to an informal street poll mainly questioned “the war against the West” and ridiculed the idea to accept smaller salaries to wage the battle. (Ukrainian Service)

Moldovans Protest As Government Is Approved

Moldova’s political turmoil continues, as members from opposition parties gathered outside the parliament building in Chisinau to protest the appointment of Pavel Filip as prime minister.

Kazakh 'Gray Mass' Protests Bank Loan Policies

Mortgage holders wearing grey robes protested outside major banks in Almaty demanding that their loans be recalculated in response to the country’s currency woes.

Almaty Residents Panic Over Pollution

According to the Almaty Urban Air Project’s experimental air sensor, which works over a mobile phone, the amount of chemical dust in the city’s air is eight times the norm. (Current Time/Asia TV)


British Inquiry Implicates Russia, Putin In Death Of Ex-Agent Litvinenko

Moscow said it would study the 300-page report, which it called “opaque” and “politically motivated.”

Kremlin Response to Kadyrov Seen As Endorsement Of Threats

Opposition members protested remarks by Kremlin Spokesperson Dmitry Peskov, who told the Interfax news agency on January 20 that the Chechen leader’s statements referred to "nonsystemic" opposition figures who are "outside the legitimate political arena" and prepared to “break the law.”

Russian Dissidents Find Scarce Shelter In Ukraine

More than 200 Russian dissidents have fled to Ukraine since 2014, but local rights groups say that a still pro-Yanukovych bureaucracy and massive legal hurdles have prevented all but a handful from gaining political asylum.

Public Opinion Demands Early Elections, According To Nazarbayev

The Kazakh president dissolved the parliament’s lower chamber and set elections for March 20, one year ahead of scheduled polls, citing the need to reestablish trust in the legislature amid the current economic crisis. (Current Time/Asia TV)

Head Of Russian Investigative Committee: Nemtsov Murder Solved

Family members of slain opposition leader Boris Nemtsov have rejected the findings by Chief Russian Investigator Aleksandr Bastrykin, expected to be published today, that Chechen Ruslan Muhudinov is his murderer. (In Russian)

INFOGRAPHIC: Sliding Support In Ukraine

It’s been two years since Euromaidan in Ukraine. What does polling and economic data show?

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