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Flu Is New Killer In Eastern Ukraine

A deadly flu virus has claimed 18 lives and sent 250 people to hospital in the eastern, government-controlled city of Kramatorsk, while the laboratory equipped to identify the strain and offer clinical support is in separatist-controlled Donetsk. (Current Time TV)

Requiems Mark The Battle For Donetsk Airport

Memorial concerts were organized in airports in Lviv, Kharkiv, Dnepropetrovsk, and Kyiv to remember those who died defending the Donetsk airport in 2014. (Ukrainian Service)

Ukrainian Women Demand Right To Serve in Combat

Women who fought in the Anti-Terrorist Operation in eastern Ukraine marched to the defense ministry demanding that women be given combat roles, not only service staff positions. (Ukrainian Service)

Protesters In Moldova Scuffle With Riot Police

Protesters demonstrating against the appointment of a new pro-European government pushed their way into Moldova’s parliament building in Chisinau late on January 20.

Armenian Protester Stands Trial Lying Down

Vardges Gaspari, on trial for insulting a police officer, is a veteran activist who lies down to protest government policy, or in this case, the criminal justice system.


The Power Vertical: Breaking Bad

Did the 2006 murder of Aleksandr Litvinenko mark the beginning of Russia’s rogue decade?

Massive Rally In Grozny Condemns Opposition

The Chechen Interior Ministry said about 1 million people took part in the January 22 rally in Grozny, which was convened to “deal with” with Russia’s “nonsystemic opposition.” (In Russian)

Squarely In The Kadyrov Camp

A survey of reactions on Russian social media to endorsements by Russian celebrities of Ramzan Kadyrov shows mainly support for the Chechen leader’s recent remarks, and some sarcasm. (In Russian)

New Toxicology Results May Suggest Kremlin Critic Was Poisoned

A French laboratory has found evidence of a high concentration of hard metals in blood and tissue samples from Vladimir Kara-Murza, who believes his sudden illness in May, 2015 was an attempt to kill him. (In Russian)

Moscow-Born Stargazer Helps 'Discover' Planet 9

Based on mathematical and computer modeling, Moscow-born Caltech University assistant professor Konstantin Batygin and astronomer Mike Brown say that planet 9 must exist.

Ukrainian Officials Compete For Anti-Corruption Credentials as Cases Languish

Political commentators accuse Ukrainian officials of slinging mud and threatening adversaries with damaging disclosures, while criminal cases against former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych and his colleagues go unsolved. (In Ukrainian)

Kyrgyzstan Revokes Hydropower Deal With Russia

The deal was doomed after Russian companies indicated in December they were unable to finance their shares, but its cancellation leaves Kyrgyzstan with bleak prospects for harnessing its huge hydropower potential anytime soon.

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