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RFE/RL Fears Retaliation Against Journalists In Pakistan
RFE/RL Fears Retaliation Against Journalists In Pakistan

RFE/RL Fears Retaliation Against Journalists In Pakistan


U.S. Envoy: Lack Of Political Will In Moscow Thwarting Ukraine Peace

The U.S. special envoy for Ukraine said the country's new law on reintegrating its conflict-torn regions has "regularized" the country's military operation against Russia-backed separatists, but doesn't change anything on the ground.

Dark Comedy About Stalin's Death Barred From Russian Cinemas

Russia's Culture Ministry has barred The Death Of Stalin from Russian cinemas, calling the film an "insulting mockery."

Worth Its Salt? Saving Ukraine's Historic Saltworks

The western Ukrainian city of Drohobych has been producing salt for more than six hundred years. The city claims that its 14th-century saltworks is the oldest in Europe, but the future of the historic site is in doubt.

The Bosnian Biker Teaching Moderate Islam

Harun Pasalic has two passions: teaching and motorcycles. This Bosnian scholar brings his nontraditional style to the classroom where he teaches teenage students that Islam is a positive and inclusive religion.


Ex-U.S. Army Commander Warns Of Russian Capabilities In Ukraine

The former top U.S. Army commander in Europe said Russian battlefield tactics in eastern Ukraine show sophisticated integration of drones, electronic warfare, and mortar and artillery.

Kremlin Denies Helping North Korea Bypass Sanctions And Sell Coal

The Russian embassy in Pyongyang has called reports that Moscow is helping North Korea sell coal in defiance of UN sanctions “unreliable.” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told journalists “not to believe unnamed sources in the intelligence services,” and said the Kremlin will not investigate the “rumors.” (in Russian, Current Time TV)

Russian Police Vow Clampdown On Election Protesters Who Break The Law

Russian police will act "toughly" to prevent violations of the law at protests ahead of the March 18 presidential election, a senior Interior Ministry official says. The January 25 warning came three days ahead of nationwide demonstrations called by opposition leader Aleksei Navalny to support a boycott of the election.

Russian Website Under Fire After Investigation Of FSB Chief

The Russian news site has come under fire from authorities -- and, reportedly, its own investors -- after it published an investigation into possible undeclared real estate held by the head of the Federal Security Service.

Kadyrov's Snow Job: Chechnya Plows Ahead On Big-Ticket Ski Resort

Faced with the prospect of barren slopes, organizers of Chechnya's first ski resort were hauling in tons of snow this week to avoid embarrassment at the grand opening of a project that already faces its share of obstacles.

Russians Fume After Video Of Smoking Toddler Goes Viral

The uncle of a 2-year-old shown smoking in a viral video says he gave the cigarette to his nephew in good fun, but authorities in southern Russia aren't laughing.

‘Petro Incognito’: Poroshenko’s Secret Holiday

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has the right to a vacation. And he can afford to vacation anywhere in the world. But as president of a country, he has an obligation to inform the public of his absence, not hide it, as he did during his recent $500,000 vacation to the Maldives. (Reporting by Schemes, Ukrainian Service, over 600K views on YouTube)

Ukraine Sentences Russian Captured In War Zone To 10 Years

A Russian man captured by Ukrainian forces in the eastern Luhansk region has been sentenced to 10 years in prison on charges of terrorism and illegal weapons possession.

Belarus Restricts Access To Opposition Website Charter 97

The Belarus government has partially blocked access to the opposition website Charter 97, a move condemned by the site's editor as an attack on the freedom of speech.

Lukashenka Cancels 'Parasite Tax' On Unemployed In Belarus

Belarus President Alyaksandr Lukashenka has signed a decree canceling a controversial law obliging unemployed individuals to pay taxes as "social parasites."

Moldova Says It Would Leave CIS Only After Becoming EU Candidate

Moldova should leave the Commonwealth of Independent States only after it has formally become a candidate for European Union membership, Deputy Prime Minister Iurie Leanca has said.

Czechs Face Stark Choice In Presidential Runoff

Czech voters will choose a president in a two-day runoff election January 26 - 27 that pits pro-European academic Jiri Drahos against ex-communist incumbent Milos Zeman.

Paying To Stay Disabled In Turkmenistan

By strange coincidence, the Turkmen government’s quest to cut state expenditures coincides with some miraculous recoveries by disabled citizens.

7.40am -- Good Morning!

[Excerpt from Current Time TV’s daily, first-read for Russian-speaking audiences.]

Olga Litvinenko, the daughter Vladimir Litvinenko, rector of St. Petersburg’s National Mineral Resources University, says her father is an “accomplice” to Russian President Vladimir Putin, and that his name should be added to the EU sanctions list. Litvinenko is suing Transparency International Russia and the newspaper Delovoi Peterburg for reports alleging his role in fraudulent land deals involving university property.

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