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Russia's Fight With Corruption (RFE/RL Russian Service)


The Daily Vertical: Lavrov's Cost-Free Reset

How does Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov define “reset”?

Pioneers March At Ukraine’s Culture Ministry

In a satirical protest, activists dressed up as Soviet pioneers gathered to challenge the Soviet-style remarks of Deputy Culture Minister Rostyslav Karandeev, who proposed revising the list of artists banned in Ukraine. (Ukrainian Service)

Economic Conditions Spark Protest In Kyrgyzstan

Some 200 residents gathered in the central square in the country’s eastern city of Naryn to protest unemployment, increased utility fees, and low prices for livestock - their main source of income - and demanded a response from the prime minister by February 10. (Kyrgyz Service)

Arko The Mountain Sheep

A young mountain sheep, adopted by a Kazakh family, drinks milk, plays football, and has a goat for a friend. (Current Time TV/ Kazakh Service)


New Right-Wing Group To Seek Reunification Of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus

The “Committee of January 25th,” led by Donetsk’s separatist commander Igor Strelkov and joined by right wing activists including Eduard Limonov and Konstantin Krylov, announced its goals at an inaugural meeting in Moscow on Monday. (In Belarusian)

EU Court Strikes Down Sanctions On Yanukovych Allies

Citing a lack of evidence, the EU’s General Court ruled on January 28 that the bloc was wrong to freeze the assets of five close associates of ousted Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych.

Lithuania Poised To Try Cases Tied To 1991 Events

Prosecutor Daiwa Skorypaite announced that charges have been brought and European arrest orders have been issued against 65 people, including former Soviet Defense Minister Dmitry Yazov. (Current Time TV)

Hitch-hiking To Freedom

Fearing criminal prosecution for her political activism, Irina Kalmykova talked to RFE/RL about why and how she fled Russia together with her child, heading first for Belarus and then for Ukraine. (In Russian)

Flu Epidemic Spreads in Ukraine

Ukraine’s Ministry of Health has identified the deadly A (H1N1) flu as the so-called “swine flu,” which killed 11 persons in Kyiv and caused a 70 percent rise in cases throughout the country this last week. (In Ukrainian)

ICC To Probe 2008 Georgia-Russia War

The International Criminal Court has authorized prosecutors to investigate alleged war crimes committed "in and around South Ossetia" during Russia’s war with Georgia in 2008, marking the first such investigation of a conflict outside of Africa.

Tajik President Appoints Daughter Chief Of Staff

It is the latest in a series of moves by Emomali Rahmon that appear aimed at consolidating power in his family for years to come.

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