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Russian Federation Council Evacuation Plan: In Case Of Fire (left) In Case Of Arrest (right)
Russian Federation Council Evacuation Plan: In Case Of Fire (left) In Case Of Arrest (right)


Russian Mega-Dump Prompts Angry Protests

Plans to create a mega landfill site a thousand kilometers from Moscow might relieve the Russian capital's garbage burden, but local people have staged angry protests.

Polish Horses Chasing Kyrgyz Goats

Kok-boru, a national sport in Kyrgyzstan, is a rough and rowdy competition that showcases intrepid riders and highly prized horses. One horse dealer and trainer shared his key to a profitable business: importing fast racers from Poland to sell or mate with the stronger Kyrgyz breeds.

ICYMI: The French Connection: Donbas Fighters Don Yellow Vests

French citizens who joined Russia-backed separatists in eastern Ukraine have now resurfaced among the Yellow Vest protesters in Paris.

INFOGRAPHIC: Public Sector Corruption

Eastern European and Central Asian countries are failing to make progress in lowering graft, a leading watchdog says.


U.S. Set To Suspend INF Obligations Over Dispute With Russia

The United States is expected to announce it will suspend compliance with a key Cold War weapons treaty, most likely on February 1, over its accusations that Russia is not meeting its obligations.

Volker: West May Stiffen Response To Russia Over Detention Of Ukrainian Sailors

The U.S. special envoy for Ukraine says Washington and Europe are considering measures against Russia for its detention of 24 Ukrainian crew members captured in the Kerch Strait. Kurt Volker said in a January 31 telephone briefing that Russia continues to "illegally" hold the sailors and appears to intend to hold them until after Ukraine's March 31 presidential election.

Putin Blasts Kyiv For 'Blatant Interference' In Orthodox Church

Russian President Vladimir Putin has accused Ukraine’s government of “blatant interference” in the Orthodox Church in Ukraine after its patriarchate split from Moscow’s patronage, calling it “absolutely unacceptable.”

Russia Fines Google For Listing Banned Websites

Google has paid approximately $7,500 in fines to Russian media regulator Roskomnadzor for including websites and pages from an official blacklist in its search results.The tech giant was instructed to link to the official registry, or devise a method of its own to filter search results. (In Russian, Current Time TV)

Prices For Products In Russia Rise Four Times Faster Than In EU

Russia’s State Statistics Service reports that prices for products in Russia have on average increased four times faster in 2018 than in the European Union. Prices for meat and meat products saw the biggest hikes, rising 7% over the previous year, while prices for similar products in the EU remained stable. (Russian Service)

Lie-Detector Loyalty Tests Proposed For Ukrainians In Separatist-Controlled East

Ukraine's chief military prosecutor has called for lie-detector tests to determine the loyalty of residents in the parts of eastern Ukraine that are under the control of Russia-backed separatists. The timing of the proposal has raised questions about whether lie-detector tests could be used to restrict the rights of residents in those territories to participate in Ukraine's upcoming presidential election.

Fans Jeer Ukrainian Soccer Player's Transfer To Russia

It's one thing for a Ukrainian soccer club to lose a top defender, quite another to see him go to a top team in Russia. So when Shakhtar Donetsk's Yaroslav Rakitskyy signed with Zenit St. Petersburg, a rival team in a rival country, fans in Ukraine went ballistic.

Belarus Opposition Spokesperson Wins Fight Against Expulsion

Anna Krasulina, the press secretary of Belarus’ opposition United Civil Party, who was facing expulsion back to Russia in part over an unpaid mass transit ride, has been allowed to stay.

Latvia Bans Russian State TV Channel For Inciting Hatred

Latvia’s media regulator has issued a 3-month ban on rebroadcasts of Russian state-owned TV channel RTR Rossiya, citing the network’s incitement of hatred towards Ukrainians. The head of the National Electronic Media Council said, “Latvia will not tolerate Kremlin propaganda on its territory” and will defend its information space. (in Russian, Current Time TV)

Tajik Women Get Life Sentences In Iraq For Belonging To IS

Five Tajik women have been sentenced to life in prison in Iraq after being found guilty of belonging to the extremist group Islamic State. According to Tajik officials, some 1,900 Tajik citizens have fought alongside IS militants in Syria and Iraq in recent years.

ICYMI: Interview With Exiled Tajik Islamic Party Leader Muhiddin Kabiri

PHOTOGALLERY: Iran Marks 40th Anniversary Of Islamic Revolution

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