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Jail Term A ‘Death Sentence’ For Belykh

An 8-year prison term for former Russian regional Governor Nikita Belykh is like a "death sentence," according to his wife Yekaterina Reifert. (Current Time TV)

Siberia’s Subzero Samaritan

Since waking from a coma, Anton Vasilyev has dedicated his life to helping others through the world’s harshest winters.

Drones Fly Smuggled Smokes Into The EU

Smugglers are using drones to breach the border between Ukraine and Slovakia, supplying EU black markets with contraband cigarettes. (Current Time TV)

New Life For Afghan Boy Who Supported Nine People

Millions of people saw our report on a 13-year-old Afghan boy supporting a family of nine, and many decided to help. Now he goes to school. (RFE/RL's Afghan Service)


7.40am -- Good Morning!

[Excerpt from Current Time TV’s daily, first-read for Russian-speaking audiences.]

Russia’s Investigative Committee is reviewing whether leaflets distributed by the Navalny campaign calling for a boycott of the presidential elections are legal. Ella Pamfilova, head of the Central Election Commission, has said distribution would have been legal if Navalny was a registered candidate. No one has reminded Pamfilova that Navalny wouldn’t need to boycott the election if he was allowed to register as a candidate.

Russian Military Talks Tough After Black Sea Flyby

Moscow is talking tough after being reprimanded by the United States over an "unsafe" incident in which a Russian military jet flew within 1.5 meters of a U.S. Navy surveillance plane over the Black Sea.

Citing Threats, Ukrainian News Editor Flees To Austria

Ihor Huzhva, editor in chief of a Ukrainian news site derided by critics as overly friendly toward Russia, says he has fled the country and appealed for political asylum in Austria, citing threats of physical violence and "unprecedented pressure from the authorities," including President Petro Poroshenko.

One Lawyer Reflects On A Year At Odds With The FSB

Lawyer Ivan Pavlov, who helped win the freedom of four Russian women jailed on treason charges in 2017, reflects on the cases over the last year that have pit him in an uneven struggle with investigators of the Federal Security Service.

Russia Nationalizes Poroshenko Ship-Building Factory In Crimea

A decree signed by Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev declares government ownership of the Sevastopol Ordzhonikidze Marine Plant, which previously belonged to Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko. Approximately 480 companies and organizations have been “nationalized” in Russia-annexed Crimea since 2014. (Russian Service)

Kyiv Opens Cyber Threat Response Center

Ukraine's National Security Council has announced the opening of a Cyber Threat Response Center, which will cooperate with NATO and neighboring countries to detect cyber attacks, monitor their direction, and determine their source and targets. (Ukrainian Service)

Poroshenko Says Polish Bill On Nazi-Era Crimes 'Unacceptable'

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has said he is "deeply concerned" by a Polish bill that accuses some Ukrainians of collaborating with Nazi Germany, calling it "categorically unacceptable."

Moldova Bans Russian TV In Response To Disinformation Threat

Moldova is set to enact a new law this month outlawing the retransmission of Russian radio and TV programs.

Fuel Prices To Rise By 50 Percent In Turkmenistan

Fuel stations in the Turkmen capital Ashgabat are posting announcements that the price of gasoline will increase by 50 percent effective February 23, from 1 manat ($0.28) to 1.5 manats ($0.43). In October 2017, the government suspended a 25 year-old practice of providing water, electricity, and gas to residents for free. (in Russian, Turkmen Service)

Outlawed Tajik Islamic Party Leader On Trial In Absentia

Tajikistan's Supreme Court has put banned Islamic Renaissance Party leader Muhiddin Kabiri on trial in absentia, in proceedings the court’s chairman says are “taking place in secret."

Uzbekistan’s Former First Daughter Steps Down As UNESCO Envoy

Gulnara Karimova, the younger daughter of the late Uzbek President, says she is leaving her post as Uzbekistan’s ambassador to UNESCO on February 2.

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