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Photogallery: A Life's Work In 100 Moments
Photogallery: A Life's Work In 100 Moments


A Life's Work In 100 Moments


Lithuania Challenges Russia’s Energy Dominance in Baltics

A new liquefied natural gas terminal has enabled Lithuania to break its earlier energy dependence on Moscow, and affords a similar opportunity to the Baltic nation’s neighbors.

Ukrainian Military, Separatists Hold Drills As Tensions Rise

Ukrainian government forces and Russia-backed separatists each held military exercises in Ukraine’s east amid reports by OSCE monitors of renewed fighting in Donbas and Luhansk regions.

Serbian Activists Commemorate Pro-Fascist Wartime Leader

Demonstrators gathered in Belgrade on February 4 to mark the 70th anniversary of the death of General Milan Nedic, who led Serbia during its wartime collaboration with Nazi Germany.

RT Denied Accreditation in Tajikistan

Analysts say the decision reflects concern among Tajik authorities about the influence of Russian propaganda inside the country.

Vox Pop: Are You Interested In Putin's Family?

RFE/RL asked people on the streets of Moscow what they think about reports, or the lack thereof, about the Russian president's personal life.


IMF Chief Concerned Over Corruption Allegations In Ukraine

Commenting on February 4 on the sudden resignation of Ukraine's reformist economy minister over alleged corruption, IMF Chief Christine Lagarde said that if the allegations are true,” then it’s obvious “that the anticorruption measures that were committed by the government are not yet working."

Moldovan Protest Leader Accuses U.S. Of ‘Unification Plot’

Playing on current east-west tensions, pro-Moscow Socialist Party Chairman Igor Dodon accused Washington of pressing for the unification of Moldova and Romania, and urged a return "home" of Moldova "back in the U.S.S.R."

Website Says It Exposed Russian TV Fakery That Targets Germany

An independent website has published evidence of fabricated “news,” supporting accusations made by Germany’s foreign minister on January 27 that Russian media and officials are attempting “to inflame and influence” the country’s debate about migration.

European Parliament Condemns Abuses Against Crimean Tatars

The resolution condemns Russia for “unprecedented” abuses against the Crimean Tatar population of Crimea, and calls on Russia to grant international institutions and human rights monitors "unimpeded access" to the region.

Mass Grave Of Gulag Prisoners Found In Lviv

The remains of 511 people, including 67 children, have been found in a village outside of Lviv. Historians believe the burials were made after the Soviet army recaptured the region in 1944. (Current Time TV)

January Bills We’ll Pay in March

Financial experts who gathered to consider likely scenarios for the ruble told RFE/RL they believe that the currency’s December - January devaluation will, at a minimum, lead to a doubling of prices in Russia. (In Russian)

Belarus Philosopher Bets On Independence, Not Democracy

Speculating on Belarus’s future, Valentin Akudovich, head of philosophy and literature at Minsk’s Belarusian Collegium said, “There will be no revolution in Belarus in the next 20 - 30 years,” and that President Alyaksandr Lukashenka “wants to remain a significant person in Belarus’s history, and not dissolve in the ‘Russian World.’ (In Belarusian)

Tajik Court Approves Ending Presidential Term Limits

The decision upholds constitutional amendments adopted on January 22 that permit President Emomali Rahmon, a 63-year-old former collective farm head who has ruled Tajikistan since 1992, to seek reelection indefinitely.

MOST READ/RUSSIA: Putin Family Members Change Their Names

The Moscow weekly Sobesednik’s editor in chief looked at the decisions of Putin’s relatives to change their names and obtain multiple passports, and the extent to which corruption and security are factors. (90k on RFE/RL’s Russian Service website).

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