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"Give Us The Russian World! The Main Thing Is To Keep The TV On!!!" (RFE/RL Ukrainian Service)


Daily Vertical: Will Yakunin Be Putin’s Fall Guy?

Long-time Putin crony Vladimir Yakunin may be facing corruption charges.

London Of The Oligarchs

Forget Buckingham Palace and Big Ben - London’s new “Kleptocracy Tour” shows visitors the palatial homes of Russian and Ukrainian oligarchs.

Kyiv Protesters Call On Dutch To Reject Russian Propaganda

The activists gathered in front of the Embassy of the Netherlands in Kyiv on February 5, repurposing a famous image of Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh with one bandaged ear to convey their message. The protest comes two months before the Netherlands holds a nonbinding referendum on the EU’s association agreement with Ukraine.

Kyrgyz Horsemen Go For The Goat

Join the Kyrgyz Kok-Boru revival.


Prague Refugee Center Firebombed Amidst Anti-Immigration Demonstrations

A group of about 20 attackers set fire to a center that helps refugees, just hours after thousands of people staged a protest against Muslims and immigration in the Czech Republic’s capital city on February 6.

With Military Spread Thin, Russia Reduces Troops Near Afghan Frontier

Despite concerns about militancy spilling over the border, Russia announced last week that it will reduce troop levels at its 201st Military Base in Tajikistan.

Russian Businesses Hiding Foreign Assets

Research shows that after Russia enacted a new foreign asset disclosure law, with profits taxable effective 2017, only 14 percent of businesses have complied with the requirements and many have sought to re-register their activities abroad. (Current Time TV)

Russian Whistle-Blower Released From Prison

A former Interior Ministry officer, who was sent to prison after claiming that soldiers in Russia’s Far East were fed dog food, has been released after serving four years.

Yashin Visits Chechnya To Investigate Kadyrov

Russian opposition leader Ilya Yashin traveled to the region’s capital city Grozny to conduct interviews and obtain documents about the Chechen leader and his operatives for a report to be released on February 23. (In Russian)

IT Revolution In Ukraine?

Experts say the IT sector has the potential to drive economic growth in Ukraine, but corruption, administrative interference, and weak policy are holding it back. (In Ukrainian)

Bosnian Women Protest Headscarf Ban

Some 2000 protesters, mainly women, demonstrated in Sarajevo on February 7 against a ruling by Bosnia's judicial high council banning the wearing of "religious signs," and the headscarf specifically, in judicial institutions.

Azeri Businessman Attempts Self-Immolation To Protest Corruption

In the latest of several such cases, Azeri entrepreneur Donmez Abdullayev sought to set himself on fire in Baku on February 5, claiming that harassment and corruption were thwarting his business. (In Russian)

Creating A Cyberarmy in Georgia

Georgia’s Ministry of Defense is recruiting IT professionals from the private sector to create a national defense against hacker attacks and cyber terrorism. (Current Time TV)

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