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PRESSROOM: At One-Year Mark, Current Time Leads With Innovation And Growth


THE POWER VERTICAL: Listen To The Court Jester

Even Vladimir Zhirinovsky sometimes tells the truth.

From A Russian Orphanage To A Family Of Their Own

Galina Lobova was left at an orphanage in 1989 after Soviet doctors warned her parents that they couldn't care for a disabled child. Now she and her husband are busy raising their 3-year-old son. (Current Time TV)

Kazakh Biathletes Shoot For Olympic Glory

Dozens of Kazakh athletes are expected to be marching at the opening ceremonies of the Winter Olympic in South Korea on February 9, with the country’s largest squad aiming for medals in biathlon.

Montenegro's Gushing Water Tree

A rare natural phenomenon has turned a tree in Montenegro into a gushing spring.


Putin, Erdogan Discuss Military Coordination In Syria

In a February 8 statement, the Kremlin said that Russian President Vladimir Putin and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan have agreed to strengthen coordination between the countries' military and security services in Syria.

Eight Candidates To Run For President Of Russia

Russia’s Central Election Commission formally approved the candidacies of Ksenia Sobchak and Maksim Suraikin on February 8, the last day of the registration process, for a total of eight candidates on the ballot in Russia's March 18 presidential vote .

Putin’s Income Disclosure: What Has Changed In Six Years?

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s 2017 income and property declaration, released on January 7 as a requirement of his candidacy for the country’s top office, indicates no property holdings in Moscow, and earnings of approximately $673,000 since 2010 from his salary, bank deposits and military pension. Over the same period, Liberal Democratic party candidate Vladimir Zhirinovsky declared earnings of approximately. $1.7 million, and Communist party candidate Pavel Grudinin declared approximately $2.7 million. (Current Time TV)

Ruling On Russian Athletes Expected Hours Before Olympic Games Begin

A decision on appeals by Russian athletes seeking to compete at the Winter Olympics in South Korea will be issued hours before the opening ceremony on February 9, the Court of Arbitration for Sport says.

Russia Calls Falcon X Launch A ‘Good Trick’

Igor Burenkov, acting director of Russia’s chief space agency, Roskosmos, has called the superheavy SpaceX rocket launch a “very good trick” and a “pr act.” (Current Time TV)

Daghestan Approves Outsider From Tatarstan As Prime Minister

Artyom Zdunov, an official from Russia's central Tatarstan region, has been appointed prime minister of the North Caucasus region of Daghestan following a roundup on fraud charges of several senior Daghestani officials.

'Glory To Ukraine!' Could Become Law If PM Gets His Way

If the Ukrainian government gets its way, the country’s military will soon ditch the official Soviet-era call-and-response greeting that has persisted since Kyiv’s break with Moscow nearly 27 years ago for "Glory to Ukraine!" -- a chant rooted in Ukraine's nationalist past but repurposed during the 2014 Euromaidan street protests.

Azerbaijan's Ruling Party Nominates Aliyev For Presidency

Azerbaijan's ruling party has nominated incumbent President Ilham Aliyev as its candidate in the country’s snap April presidential election.

Moldovan President Warns Against Reunification With Romania

Moldovan President Igor Dodon has warned mayors who signed a declaration on reunification with Romania that he is “against those who want to get rid of the Moldovan state," and that they could face criminal charges.

FURTHER AFIELD: Five Possible Outcomes Following Mass Protests In Iran

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