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Azerbaijan: Our $600 million Olympic Stadium Can Also Be Used For Weddings...(RFE/RL Azerbaijani Bureau)
Azerbaijan: Our $600 million Olympic Stadium Can Also Be Used For Weddings...(RFE/RL Azerbaijani Bureau)


Moscow Destroys Over 100 Small Businesses in Bulldozer Blitz

The city of Moscow demolished dozens of trading stalls, kiosks, and cafes deemed to be illegal in a blitz of bulldozers on the night of February 9.

Russian Convoy Leaves Simferopol

[IN RUSSIAN] A convoy of military vehicles with license plates belonging to the Russian Black Sea fleet was seen on February 9 heading out of Simferopol northeast towards Belogorsk. (Ukrainian Service)

Winter Gold Mining In Kyrgyzstan

[IN RUSSIAN] Villagers from the country’s eastern Naryn region shimmy across cables strung high above ravines and brave water temperatures of 14F to pan gold from the region’s rivers. (Current Time TV)

Afghan Policewomen On Patrol

These recruits are part of an active effort by Afghanistan's government to create a more balanced police force that can better serve the country’s women.


Sobyanin’s Pogrom?

In a panel discussion, entrepreneur Ilya Khandrikov condemned last night’s demolition of small businesses in Moscow as illegal, insisting it was inconceivable that the owners didn’t have the necessary documentation and contracts. PARNAS political party member Dmitry Kataev said the operation was not about illegal construction, but part of Moscow Mayor Sergey Sobyanin’s ongoing fight against small businesses. (In Russian)

Churches To Replace Moscow Kiosks?

An official with the Russian Orthodox church said it might be a good idea to build churches where the kiosks previously stood. The church and the Moscow mayor’s office currently plan to build 200 new churches within the city limits. (Current Time TV)

Is The EU Caving On Russian Sanctions?

A debate initiated by EU foreign policy chief Frederica Mogherini with fellow commissioners about improving cooperation with Russia has caused concern among EU members who want to keep up the pressure on Moscow.

Ukraine’s Anti-Corruption Bureau Staffs Up

President Petro Poroshenko gave the oath to 30 new members of Ukraine’s Anti-Corruption Bureau whose assigned duties will include witness protection and other security-related operations. (In Ukrainian)

Release Unlikely For Prisoners In Separatist Territories

Separatist leaders are rejecting proposals to exchange prisoners, opting to hold them as hostages to avoid their own prison sentence and possible execution. (In Ukrainian)

Three Divisions Of S-300 Missiles Arrive In Belarus

A fourth division of the surface-to-air missiles is on the way as Russia upgrades its own systems with S-400s. (In Belarusian)

MOST READ/RUSSIA: Mobile Phone Of A Drunk Prosecutor

The discovery of a state prosecutor’s mobile phone provides evidence of gross negligence and abuse of office, and suggests that two local businessmen were taken to court and condemned to 7 years in a penal colony and and 8 years in prison for a crime they did not commit. (180k on RFE/RL’s Russian Service website).

Photo Tour: The End Of The Migrant Road (Migration And Distrust In A Small Finnish Town)

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