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Photogallery: Destruction, And Signs Of Renewal, In Debaltseve
Photogallery: Destruction, And Signs Of Renewal, In Debaltseve


Destruction, And Signs Of Renewal, In Debaltseve


RUSSIA & ME: Interviews With Twelve Leaders Who Know It Best

Moscow has muscled onto the world stage, refusing to blink on flashpoint issues from Ukraine to Syria. Guess who's not surprised? The onetime leaders of the former Soviet republics, who say the more Russia changes, the more it stays the same.

Vox Pop Kyiv: How Do You View Yatsenyuk?

Most residents polled on the streets of Kyiv endorsed calls for the resignation of Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk, calling him a “thief” and dismissing what they labeled his “so-called reforms,” although some said he deserves another chance. (Ukrainian Service)

‘Saakashvili For Prime Minister

Activists in Odesa demonstrated in front of the regional administration building demanding that Ukraine's cabinet of ministers resign and Odesa Mayor Mikheil Saakashvili be made Prime Minister. (Ukrainian Service)

Lights Out In Baku

Prompted by the country’s economic crisis and the dive in oil prices, Azerbaijan’s capital city is cutting back on expenditures, turning off public lighting at night.


Ukraine PM Survives No-Confidence Vote

A total of 194 lawmakers voted for the motion, 32 shy of the 226 votes needed to pass. But lawmakers approved a separate measure condemning the work of Yatsenyuk’s government in 2015 as unsatisfactory, paving the way for another vote during the parliament’s next session.

Yatsenyuk Endures, But Tymoshenko Party Quits

Yulia Tymoshenko withdrew the Batkivshchyna (Fatherland) party she leads from the government’s ruling coalition on February 17, a move that is likely to be followed by other parties and could cause the coalition’s collapse.

Ukraine’s Successful Startups

Approximately 10 percent of new businesses survive in Ukraine, but entrepreneurs persevere, contending with unreliable investors, wartime challenges, corruption, and bureaucracy. (Current Time TV)

After Moscow, Demolitions Begin In St. Petersburg

Authorities demolished 86 small businesses in January that they say were constructed illegally, and plan to raze about 400 kiosks and shops in all.

Suit Alleges Moscow Paid $2.6 Million To Trolls

Russian opposition politician Mikhail Volkov says he has brought a criminal case against Moscow municipal authorities, alleging they spent over $2.6 million in a trolling campaign on Russian social networks to build support for Moscow Mayor Sergey Sobyanin. (In Russian)

INFOGRAPHIC: Should Russia Continue To Bomb Syria?

A January Levada Center poll found that 18 percent of Russian respondents are “definitely for” continued bombardments and 41 percent are “mostly for” them. Eleven percent are “definitely against” the bombardments and 16 percent are “mostly against” them. (Current Time TV)

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