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At Work And Play On International Women's Day


At Work And Play On International Women's Day


Nadia Savchenko To Continue Hunger Strike

After the judge in this closely watched case announced the verdict would be delayed until March 21, a defiant Savchenko declared that she would recognize neither the court nor its verdict, and then stood on a bench inside the defendant’s cage and raised her middle finger.

Savchenko Supporters Detained In Moscow

Moscow police dispersed an unauthorized rally in support of Ukrainian pilot and parliamentarian Nadia Savchenko, detaining about 30 people. The activists were released after several hours. (Russian Service)

Severe Flooding Prompts Serbia To Declare Emergency

Serbia's government has declared emergency measures as swollen rivers flood hundreds of homes, farmland, and roads in 15 areas this week.

Paksas: ‘We Can Choose A Wife. But Neighbors Are Given By God’

In this exclusive interview, part of RFE/RL’s “Russia & Me” video project,

former President of Lithuania Rolandas Paksas said that small countries have to learn to get along with their larger neighbors.


EU Lawmakers Demand Sanctions On Putin Over Savchenko

Members of the European Parliament have urged EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini to impose sanctions against Russian President Vladimir Putin and 28 other individuals over the "illegal" treatment of Ukrainian pilot Nadia Savchenko.

Ukraine President Starts Two-Day Visit To Turkey

Following the loss of the Russian market to both Turkey and Ukraine, leaders of the two countries will seek to increase trade in agricultural products and discuss military and industrial cooperation. (In Ukrainian)

Ukrainian Advances Prompt Separatist Response In Country’s East

Russia-supported separatists are pushing back against Ukrainian forces in the area around the Donetsk airport, in what appears to be an attempt to strengthen their defensive positions. (In Ukrainian)

Political Crisis Threatens Privatization In Ukraine

Experts expect that political instability and the same government incompetence that is driving the country’s privatization initiative, which is intended to remove 450 state-run enterprises from the government’s patronage system, will thwart it. (In Ukrainian)

Russian Separatist Fighter Says Moscow Orchestrated Ukraine War

Self-described former fascist Anton Rayevsky, who fought alongside separatists in eastern Ukraine, says the commanders, the advisers, and all of the military equipment were from Russia.

Russian Mining City Grapples With Yet Another Tragedy

RFE/RL reports from Vorkuta, a city of 70,000 just north of the Arctic Circle that is associated with one of the most notorious camps of the Stalin-era GULAG system, where a series of coal mine explosions has left 36 people dead and raised questions about worker safety and government accountability.

Russian TV Puts Military Spin On Women's Day

Russian TV marked International Women's Day on March 8 with a campaign showcasing heavy artillery and anti-riot weapons named after flowers.

Georgia PM To Seek Constitutional Limits On Marriage

Georgian Prime Minister Giorgi Kvirikashvili says his ruling coalition will draft a constitutional amendment defining marriage as a union between a man and a woman.

Most Read/Russia: The FSB And General Vlasov

In an extended interview, military historian Kirill Alexandrov estimates that over one million Soviet citizens and Russian émigrés joined dozens of military formations that fought against the Soviet Army in 1942-1945, among them the pro-Nazi Vlasov Russian Liberation Army. (over 50K on Russian Service website)

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