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Photogallery: Brussels Attacks
Photogallery: Brussels Attacks


Brussels Attacks


Brussels Under Attack

RFE/RL goes live on Periscope, reporting from the Maalbeek metro station and the EU building complex in central Brussels, after explosions struck the main airport and metro on March 22, killing at least 28 people. RFE/RL is live-blogging events here.

Czech Students Grapple With Kremlin Propaganda

The Czech NGO People In Need is helping to organize lessons in local schools on how to recognize Kremlin propaganda, warning that pro-Kremlin websites are spreading disinformation in the Czech Republic with the aim of undermining public support for pro-Western policies.

A Man and His (Cardboard) Tank

Artak Gevorgian calls it street art. But to authorities, it's hooliganism.

Celebrating Nazarbayev’s Electoral Victory, Three Days Before The Polls

Kazakh students were bused in by their universities on March 17 to rehearse the victory celebration of President Nursultan Nazarbayev’s ruling party in parliamentary elections that took place on March 20. (Current Time TV)


PODCAST: The Power Vertical Briefing: A Show Trial Concludes

Russian Court Resumes Reading Savchenko Verdict

RFE/RL’s Russian Service is live-streaming the verdict from the courthouse here. A sentence is expected today.

Lithuania Updates Military Doctrine, Reinstates Draft

The new military doctrine declares Russia the country’s principal threat. Citing the possibility of military aggression, the country has increased military spending to 2 percent of GDP and reinstated conscription, suspended 10 years ago. (Current Time TV)

Ukraine's Economy Plummeted Nearly 10 Percent In 2015

The drop, which compares badly to a decline of nearly 7 percent in 2014, is attributed to implosions in the financial sector and consumer demand.

Slain Ukrainian Journalist Gongadze To Be Buried

The burial comes almost 16 years after the decapitated torso of Georgiy Gongadze, who investigated corruption, was found in a forest, leading to years of politicized investigations and government scandal. His body will be buried today in Kyiv at the Church of Nicholas Quay. His widow, Myroslava Gongadze, was awarded an order of the "Gold Star Of The Hero Of Ukraine." (In Ukrainian)

Authorities To Address Mariupol Water Supply

Mariupol’s 700,000 residents fear they may be left without sanitary water because the pumping stations and pipelines are located in territories controlled by Russia-backed separatists. (In Russian)

Only Diversification Can Save Belarus

Economists say that Belarus must diversify, after exports fell by 24 percent, and its share of exports to Russia, its main trade partner and source of raw materials, dropped from 49 percent to 39 percent in 2015. (In Belarusian)

Belarusian Businessman Once Close To President Charged With Tax Evasion

Yury Chyzh, who was put on an EU sanctions list in 2012 in connection with the country’s poor human rights record, has been charged with large-scale tax evasion.

Twitter's Top Tweets Of The Decade

On Twitter’s 10th birthday, the Russian daily Kommersant reports that RFE/RL was among the first media outlets to use Twitter to livestream from a courtroom during the trial of Mikhail Khodorkovsky in 2010, and that its tweet from the courtroom on December 27th was among the 70 most impactful tweets of the decade. (In Russian)

Commentary: Make No Mistake, Kazakhstan's Elections Still Meaningless

After spending the equivalent of some $10.7 million preparing for elections that authorities said were critical to combat the worst economic downturn in some 20 years, the new parliament is essentially the same as the previous one elected in 2012.

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