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Our Leader (RFE/RL Russian Service)
Our Leader (RFE/RL Russian Service)


THE POWER VERTICAL: Juncker's Yalta?

Despite war, occupation, and poison attacks, there are still hopes in Western capitals for detente or reset with Moscow during Vladimir Putin's fourth term.

Crackdown In Londongrad? U.K. Urged To Tackle Russian Oligarchs

There are growing calls for Britain to use recently enacted powers to crackdown on corrupt Russian elites who own posh London properties, after the poisoning of former Russian double agent Sergei Skripal.

Picketers Outside Duma Call For Action On Sexual Harassment

Women protested outside the Russian State Duma on March 21 to call for justice and urge measures to combat sexual harassment.

Residents Scuffle With Officials After Children Afflicted By Toxic Gas

Angry residents scuffled with government officials in a town near Moscow where dozens of children were brought to hospital after apparently breathing toxic gas leaked from a landfill.

VOX POP: Does Russia’s Opposition Have A Future?

A majority of respondents to an informal street poll in Moscow believe that Russia’s opposition has no future. One said there is “no one but [Putin],” but speculated that Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu could be a successful presidential contender. Another said he would buy a “one-way ticket” somewhere for the opposition, adding that they offend their own country. Several respondents said the opposition must unite and do things for the people if they are to succeed. (Russian Service)


Britain's May To Ask EU Leaders To Condemn Russia Over Poisonings

A senior British government official told reporters in London that Britain wants other EU leaders to acknowledge that "Russia is a strategic enemy, not a strategic partner."

Kremlin Calls Johnson’s Hitler-Related Remarks ‘Disgusting’

Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov has called British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson's comparison of Russia's hosting of the World Cup with the 1936 Olympics in Nazi Germany "disgusting" and "unacceptable."

Russia Declares U.S. German Marshall Fund ‘Undesirable’

Russia’s government has added the German Marshall Fund of the United States to its list of foreign entities whose activities are deemed "undesirable" in the country.

Journalists Protesting Slutsky Decision Stripped Of Accreditation

Several Russian media outlets have pulled their correspondents from the Russian Duma after a parliamentary ethics commission exonerated deputy Leonid Slutsky of sexual harassment allegations from at least three journalists. Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin said on March 22 that their accreditation will be withdrawn. (in Russian, Current Time TV)

Russian Justice Ministry Officially Registers Navalny Party Double

Russia’s pro-Kremlin Civic Position party has renamed itself as the Party of Progress. The March 19 registration deprives opposition leader Aleksei Navalny of the right to use the name for his own organization, which his supporters declared as their intent in a congress on March 3. (Russian Service)

Ukraine Parliament Approves Savchenko Arrest On Terror Charges

Ukraine’s parliament has voted to approve a request by the prosecutor-general to arrest war hero and opposition lawmaker Nadia Savchenko on accusations that she was planning a terror attack on the Ukrainian parliament. RFE/RL’s Ukrainian Service is live-blogging the proceedings here.

EU Lawmakers Slam Brussels Over Belarus Policy

Thirty-five members of the European Parliament have criticized the European Union’s position toward Belarus, saying in a letter that the bloc's relationship with Minsk is focused on economic cooperation rather than human rights, democracy, and the rule of law.

Pro-Putin Russian Bikers Roll lnto Republika Srpska

Nearly two dozen members of the pro-Kremlin motorcycle group Night Wolves have visited Banja Luka, the administrative center of Bosnia's predominantly Serb entity, Republika Srpska, as part of what they are calling a "Russian Balkans" tour.

Kosovo Parliament Passes Border Deal Despite Tear Gas

Kosovo's parliament has approved a long-pending border agreement with Montenegro despite the opposition's use of tear gas to prevent a vote.

Tajikistan Opens U.S.- Funded Nonproliferation Center In Dushanbe

U.S. and Tajik officials have opened a new training center in Dushanbe aimed at preventing the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.

MOST READ/RUSSIA: Statistics Show Over 10 Million False Ballots Cast For Putin

Electoral statistician Sergey Shpilkin has told RFE/RL that his mathematical analysis shows that over 10 million false ballots were cast for President Vladimir Putin in last week’s elections. Still, he deems the polls cleaner than they were in previous years. (over 183K views on Russian Service website)

PRESSROOM: RFE/RL Editor Volodymyr Prytula Talks About The Challenges Of Reporting In Crimea

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