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Belarus’s Business Climate As The Ruble Falls (RFE/RL Azerbaijani Service)
Belarus’s Business Climate As The Ruble Falls (RFE/RL Azerbaijani Service)


The Daily Vertical: Exposed On Two Fronts

Germany’s Bild reports that a shadow government in Moscow is running day-to-day affairs in separatist-controlled territories in eastern Ukraine.

A Military Field Hospital Treats All Wounds

A gynecologist and child oncologist are serving as military surgeons in Ukraine’s eastern village of Popasnaya near the front line, treating wounded soldiers, local residents, and pets. (Ukrainian Service)

Moods High Despite Flooding In Baku

Baku’s streets flooded after its drainage system failed during a four-hour rain, but residents reveled in the city’s new “natural fountains” and shed their socks. (In Russian/ Current Time TV)

Where Do Europe's Migrant Children Sleep?

Swedish photographer Magnus Wennman met migrants across Europe. His photos show where, and under what conditions, children in these dire circumstances sleep.


Serbian Nationalist Seselj Cleared Of War Crimes Charges

A UN court has found Serbian nationalist Vojislav Seselj not guilty of war crimes and crimes against humanity relating to the 1990s Balkan wars.

Why Nuclear Smuggling Looms Over Washington Summit

As the Nuclear Security Summit kicks off in Washington, it's not loose nukes that worry experts but rather radioactive materials like plutonium that could be used in a terrorist dirty bomb.

Ukraine President Says 10,000 Have Died In Donbas

Speaking at the U.S. Capitol on March 30, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko said that the conflict in eastern Ukraine has resulted in the deaths of 10,000 people, including 2,700 servicemen and women, surpassing the number of American losses during the 15-year U.S. engagement in Afghanistan. (In Russian/Current Time TV)

Ukraine Publishes Savchenko-Sentsov Sanctions List

Russian investigations chief Aleksandr Bastrykin and security service head Aleksandr Bortnikov are among the 84 individuals on a list published on the Ukrainian president’s official website whose assets will be frozen and who will be banned from entering and conducting financial operations in the country. (In Ukrainian)

Ukrainian Businesses Say Corruption Persists

A poll by the American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine finds that 88 percent of businesses face corruption, with respondents attributing the problem to official policies that encourage it and a lack of will to stop it. (In Ukrainian)

Pro-Putin Chessmaster Sets Sights On World Domination

Crimean-born chess star Sergei Karjakin speaks on his upcoming bid to become world chess champion, his decision in 2009 to play for Russia instead of his native Ukraine, and his support for Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Prominent Azerbaijani Writer Detained, Prevented From Traveling Abroad

Akram Aylisli, who has been subject to government pressure after writing about Nagorno-Karabakh, was briefly detained by police at Baku International Airport and prevented from travelling to attend an Italian literary festival.

Kazakhstan On Track For Closer EU Ties

The European Union and Kazakhstan are set to have closer economic relations starting May 1, when a partnership agreement negotiated in December takes effect.

INFOGRAPHIC: Top Problems That Russians Worry About

A Levada Center poll entitled “What Russians Fear” finds 77 percent of respondents are worried mainly about increasing prices, 49 percent about poverty, and 43 percent about increasing unemployment. Only 14 percent of respondents are worried about the war in eastern Ukraine. (In Russian/Current Time TV)

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