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INFOGRAPHIC: Top Tax Havens -- The Panama Papers Are Just The Tip Of The Iceberg
INFOGRAPHIC: Top Tax Havens -- The Panama Papers Are Just The Tip Of The Iceberg


The Daily Vertical: Baku And Yerevan Fight. Moscow Wins

Who benefits from renewed fighting in Nagorno-Karabakh?

Devastation In Nagorno-Karabakh Village

There were scenes of devastation in the village of Talish, in Azerbaijan's breakaway region of Nagorno-Karabakh, following rocket attacks that reportedly took place before a cease-fire was declared on April 5, amidst the worst violence between Azerbaijani and ethnic Armenian forces in 20 years.

Israeli Drone Debuts in Nagorno-Karabakh

In Azerbaijan’s break-away region of Nagorno-Karabakh, where fighting flared up this week, an RFE/RL camera caught what could be the first use of an Israeli-made “kamikaze” drone in combat.

Defending Human Rights In Uzbekistan

Dmitry Tikhonov, one of Uzbekistan’s last human rights defenders, was accused of inciting ethnic hatred, had his house burned down, and was ultimately forced to apply for political asylum in Europe after investigating the destruction of WWII memorials and child labor in the country’s cotton fields. (In Russian/Current Time TV)


Poroshenko Says Dutch Vote Will Not Slow Ukraine’s Movement To Europe

President Petro Poroshenko responded defiantly to the “no” vote that prevailed in the Netherlands’ April 6 referendum on Ukraine, declaring that Ukraine will continue to implement the Association Agreement with the EU to modernize the country and strengthen its independence. (In Ukrainian)

Navalny Targeted In New Probe

In the latest action targeting the opposition leader, Russian prosecutors have launched a probe into the financing of and publications associated with Aleksei Navalny's Anticorruption Foundation.

Putin's New Security Force Seen As 'Praetorian Guard'

The new National Guard, announced April 5, comprising Interior Ministry troops, OMON riot police, and SOBR special forces, has been presented as a timely move to combat terrorism and organized crime, but is seen by critics as a tool to protect the president's hold on power in advance of this fall’s parliamentary elections.

South Ossetia Announces New Model For 'Union' With Russia

Leonid Tibilov, the leader of Georgia's breakaway region of South Ossetia, and Russian President Vladimir Putin have agreed to create "a single union organ," to which South Ossetia would delegate its prerogatives.

Ukraine Proposes Ban On Russian Oil Products

Ukraine’s parliament will consider on April 8 a proposal by Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk to ban the import of Russian oil products, which are not currently included in the January 2016 sanctions list and amounted to $1.04 billion in expenditures in 2015. (In Russian/Current Time TV)

Ukraine Ponders Options For Regulating Offshore Accounts

Ukrainian economists say it would be impossible to ban Ukrainians from holding offshore accounts as long as the practice continues internationally, but suggest that changes to the country’s tax system could encourage people to keep their money in the country. (In Ukrainian)

Nadia Savchenko Launches New Hunger Strike

The sister of Nadia Savchenko told RFE/RL on April 6 that the imprisoned Ukrainian pilot would begin a dry hunger strike to protest her conviction by a Russian court. (In Ukrainian)

ANALYSIS: What Now For Ukraine’s EU Ambitions?

After the defeat of the April 6 Dutch referendum, which packs a symbolic wallop for Ukraine, there are six possible scenarios that Brussels and Amsterdam might consider as they plan the way forward.

ANALYSIS: The Long Shadow Of The Seselj Verdict

The Hague Tribunal’s tragic miscarriage of justice threatens all the potential benefits that Bosnia-Herzegovina and the region might have gained from the recent conviction of Radovan Karadzic.

LIVE BLOG: The Panama Papers

Follow the latest developments and revelations following leaks of a Panamanian law firm's documents that have laid bare the dubious offshore financial practices of many of the world’s famous, infamous, and otherwise.

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