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The First Furrow: Daghestan’s Spring Festival
The First Furrow: Daghestan’s Spring Festival

The First Furrow: Daghestan’s Spring Festival


Turkmen Capital Inundated After Heavy Rains Across Region

The streets of Ashgabat, the capital of Turkmenistan, were flooded after severe rains that began on April 13.

PHOTOGALLERY: Inside Ukraine's Last Nuclear Missile Base

A perfectly preserved nuclear launch site in the Ukrainian countryside.

INFOGRAPHIC: Presidential Salaries: Who Earns The Most?

In 2018, Russian President Vladimir Putin earned less than half of his 2017 salary. Here is how his official presidential income compares to some of the highest-paid head of state in the world.


Major Russian Internet Company Criticizes Technology Envisioned In Internet Law

A senior executive with Russia’s Yandex internet search platform has sharply criticized the filtering technology proposed in new legislation envisioning a “sovereign internet.” Aleksei Sokolov has claimed that its deep-traffic filtering system (DPI) caused numerous Yandex services to crash during a test-run in March, and that given the volume of traffic, any deep filtering technology will cause significant losses for users. (Russian Service)

Russian Film About Afghan War Attacked As 'Unpatriotic' By Veterans

A group of Russian veterans says a new film about Soviet troops in Afghanistan is "unpatriotic" and should be banned, while the director, renowned Russian filmmaker Pavel Lungin, says it is an honest account of a disastrous conflict.

Moscow Court Rules To Extend Custody Of Captured Ukrainian Sailors

Moscow's Lefortovo district court has extended until July 24 the detentions of 24 Ukrainian sailors captured by Russian naval forces in November 2018 in the Kerch Strait near Crimea. The proceedings were held behind closed doors. (Russian Service)

International Court Orders Russia To Pay Ukraine $44 Million In Lost Assets

The International Court of Arbitration has ruled that Russia should return more than $44 million to Ukraine’s joint stock company Ukrnafta as compensation for nationalizing the company’s assets following Moscow’s annexation of Crimea in 2014. The court added an additional $5 million to the bill to pay for arbitration expenses. Russia’s justice ministry has declared that Moscow does not recognize the arbitration decision. (in Russian, Current Time TV)

Ukraine Presidential Election Debate Hits New Snag

Talks over a potential presidential election debate between Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko and challenger Volodymyr Zelenskiy appear to have hit another snag over the starting time for the event.

Ukrainian Authorities Say Russian 'Terror' Group Thwarted

Ukrainian authorities say they have arrested seven people they claim were sent by Russian security services to carry out political killings and other "terrorist" acts, including the slaying of Ukrainian intelligence agents.

Facebook Bans Ukrainian Far-Right Group -- But Getting Rid Of It Isn't Easy

After continuous, repeat violations, Ukraine's militaristic, far-right Azov movement -- which includes many war veterans and militant members with openly neo-Nazi views -- is now officially banned from Facebook. But its members remain active under pseudonyms and name variations, underscoring the difficulty Facebook faces in combating extremism on its platform.

Amnesty Urges Ukraine Authorities To Protect Roma Minority

Amnesty International has urged Ukrainian authorities to provide better protection to the country's Roma minority and to bring to justice the perpetrators of last year's attacks, which resulted in the deaths of two people.

North Macedonia Declares National Measles Epidemic

Authorities in North Macedonia have declared a national measles epidemic after more than 900 cases of the disease were registered since the start of the year.

Serbian Tabloids Say Notre Dame Blaze Was 'God's Punishment'

As investigators comb through the debris to find the cause of the fire that gutted the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris, two Serbian tabloids claim to know the real cause of the blaze in the 12th century Gothic church: a fluttering Kosovar flag.

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