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(RFE/RL Russian Service)
(RFE/RL Russian Service)


Putin, Kim Hold 'Meaningful' Talks During First Face-To-Face Meeting

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un says he had “very meaningful” talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin as the two men met face-to-face on April 25 for the first time. Speaking to press after nearly two hours of one-on-one talks, Kim said they had "discussed ways of peaceful settlement."

Gulag Graphic Novel Draws A Dark Portrait Of Russia's Past

With nearly half of young Russians having never heard of mass political repressions carried out under Soviet dictator Josef Stalin, a Moscow museum has produced a graphic novel aimed at sharing stories from some of Russia's darkest times.

Return From Syria: Multiple Arrests As 110 Kosovars Repatriated

Kosovo is the latest European country repatriating returnees from previously Islamic State-controlled areas of Syria. A group of 110 people has just been returned, with some suspected of joining terrorist groups.

'Like An Undeclared War': Russia's Toxic Test Sites In Kazakhstan

Villagers living close to military test sites in Kazakhstan struggle with mysterious illnesses and a toxic nuclear legacy. For 40 years, the Semipalatinsk test site was used for experiments on the effects of nuclear explosions on land, water, animals, and people.


U.S. Condemns Russia's Offer Of Citizenship In Ukraine’s Separatist-Held Areas

The U.S. State Department has slammed an order by Russian President Vladimir Putin to simplify the procedure for people living in parts of eastern Ukraine held by Russia-backed separatists to obtain Russian citizenship. An April 24 statement called the action "highly provocative,” and an “assault on Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity."

Russia To Strengthen Military Presence In Two Districts Bordering NATO Troops

Russian Armed Forces Chief Valery Gerasimov told an international security conference in Moscow on April 24 that troop presence in the Western and Southern military districts would be strengthened with advanced weapons in response to the deployment of NATO forces near Russian borders. (Russian Service)

Baptist Pastor Charged In Sign Of Expanding Religious Clampdown

Yury Korniyenko, a 71-year-old pastor with a congregation of Baptists that has resided in Russia’s Krasnodar region for 110 years, received a court summons on April 9 and was subsequently charged with engaging in illegal missionary work. The arrest came two days after law enforcement agents stormed in and interrupted 50 congregants celebrating Annunciation.

FSB Detains Two Participants In 1999 Daghestan Attack

Russia's Federal Security Service (FSB) says that two alleged members of a group led by late Chechen separatist field commander Shamil Basayev that attacked Daghestan in 1999 have been apprehended and charged with attacking military personnel.

Russians May Be Banned From Bringing Ham Home

Russian media reports that meat producers are proposing banning private individuals from bringing jamon, parmesan cheese and other products into the country over concern that pathogens and dangerous diseases like African swine fever could enter the country with them. The Ministry of Agriculture has preliminarily supported the proposals. (in Russian, Current Time TV)

Ukrainian Parliament Approves Sovereign Language Bill

Ukraine's parliament has approved legislation declaring "the only official state language in Ukraine is the Ukrainian language." Outgoing President Petro Poroshenko has said that he will sign the bill into law before he leaves office in early June.

Belarus, Poland Refuse Russian Druzhba Oil

Poland and Belarus have stopped accepting shipments of Russian oil through the Soviet-era Druzhba pipeline for an “indefinite” period, declaring the Russian crude to be contaminated and of poor quality.

Armenians Mark 104 Years Since Ottoman-Era Killings

Commemoration ceremonies were held in Armenia on April 24 to mark the massacre of Armenians in the Ottoman Empire 104 years ago. Prime Minister Nikol Pashinian with his wife, other officials, and politicians were among the visitors to the memorial.

Amnesty Recognizes Two Kazakh Activists As ‘Prisoners Of Conscience’

Amnesty International has recognized two jailed activists in Kazakhstan as prisoners of conscience after they were arrested and imprisoned for holding political banners during a marathon in Almaty, the country’s largest city.

Turkmen University Ruling Deals Blow To Students - And Education

Young Turkmen studying abroad are angry with a new government decision to recognize diplomas from only selected foreign universities and to withhold recognition of certain academic degrees. Students have said the new decree enforces the perception that Turkmen education is laughable-- and aimed only at glorifying Turkmen President Gurbanguly Berdymukhammedov.

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