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EXCLUSIVE: Protesters Storm Macedonia Parliament
EXCLUSIVE: Protesters Storm Macedonia Parliament


EXCLUSIVE: Protesters Storm Macedonia Parliament

THE POWER VERTICAL: Remembering Russia's First Web War

A decade ago the era of cyberwarfare began in earnest with a massive Kremlin-backed denial-of-service attack that hit the websites of Estonian banks, media organizations, corporations, and government ministries.

Russian Vloggers Challenge Pro-Kremlin TV Monolith

Russia's television landscape is almost entirely pro-Kremlin -- but video bloggers on social media are gaining audiences by offering an alternative that's increasingly popular, especially among youth.

Jubilant Crowds Welcome Haradinaj Back To Kosovo

Prishtina's main square was filled with cheering crowds as the former Kosovar prime minister returned from France, where he was detained on war crimes charges.

Kyrgyz Activists Ask EU Official For Help On Political Prisoners

Activists in Kyrgyzstan appealed to a visiting European Union official to help defend the civil rights of political prisoners in the country.

VOX POP: Should Russia Support Separatists In Donetsk And Luhansk?

Respondents to an informal street poll in Moscow had divided views on Russia’s support of separatists in Ukraine’s Donetsk and Luhansk regions. Some felt that Russia should support the separatists “without question,” while others said the money should be used to address domestic problems at home. One respondent said that if not for the Russian money flowing into Ukraine, the situation there might be different. (Russian Service)


Freedom House Says Press Freedom At Lowest Point In Decade

The U.S.-based democracy monitor Freedom House says only 13 percent of the world’s population live in countries with a free press.

Russian Lawmaker Says Apartment Hit By Arson Day After Duma Vote

A Russian lawmaker says his apartment was set on fire a day after he voted against legislation to demolish Soviet-era apartment buildings in Moscow.

'Pokemon Go' Blogger 'Shocked' At Proposed 3 1/2-Year Prison Term

Russian prosecutors have called for a 3 1/2-year prison term for a blogger charged with inciting hatred for playing the game "Pokemon Go" in a church.

Russia's Former Anticorruption Police Chief Sentenced To 22 Years For Corruption

A former chief of the Russian Interior Ministry's Anticorruption and Economic Crimes Directorate has been sentenced to 22 years in prison on corruption charges.

Russia Arrests 12 Central Asians On Extremism Charges In Kaliningrad

Russia's main domestic security agency said late on April 26 that it arrested 12 people in Kaliningrad for suspected involvement with an Islamic extremist group.

Branded Extremists, Russia's Jehovah's Witnesses Preach The Constitution

On April 20, the Supreme Court declared the Christian denomination an extremist organization and ordered its property in Russia seized, effectively banning Jehovah's Witnesses from the country.

Dropping Poll Numbers Signal Deepening Problems For Russian Prime Minister

A new opinion poll shows growing dissatisfaction among Russians for Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, with as many as 45 percent saying he should step down.

Supporters Rally Around Accused Russian Historian Of Stalin's Crimes

Historian Yury Dmitriyev has a morbid talent for finding mass graves moldering beneath the forests of the Russia's northern Karelia region.

NYC Travel Agent Resurfaces On Russian TV As Defender Of U.S., Trump

Gregory Vinnikov, a Soviet emigre who ran a travel agency in Manhattan before allegedly stiffing clients and fleeing the country in 2012, has appeared on Russian state TV as a pro-American pundit.

Ukraine Seizes $1.4 Billion From Yanukovych And Associates

Speaking at a press conference in Kyiv on April 28, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko announced that Ukraine has seized $1.42 billion from accounts belonging to ousted President Viktor Yanukovych and his associates, and that the money will be used to strengthen the combat capability of Ukraine’s army and fund social programs. (Ukrainian Service)

Moldovan Transport Minister Detained On Corruption Charges

Moldovan Transport and Roads Infrastructure Minister Iurie Chirinciuc has been detained on corruption charges, the latest in a string of arrests of officials on suspicion of graft.

Meeting Of Top Macedonian Leaders Canceled; EU Condemns Violence

The head of an alliance of Macedonian lawmakers has refused to meet with President Gjorge Ivanov, a day after scores of protesters stormed the Balkan country's parliament and assaulted him and other deputies.

At Least 10 Top Tajik Anticorruption Officials Said Arrested

At least 10 top investigators and officials of Tajikistan's Anticorruption Agency have been arrested in recent days.

ANALYSIS: Moves Against Khodorkovsky's Open Russia Seen As Attempt To Control Elections

A decision by the Russian prosecutor-general to blacklist three foreign-registered organizations tied to former oligarch Mikhail Khodorkovsky could restrict the opposition's options in looming elections.

COMMENTARY: Insanity Grows, Repression Tightens In Russia

Commenting on the harassment of journalists and activists in Russia, Galina Sidorova, head of an independent investigative reporting group, said these incidents occur with the consent of the Moscow authorities, and the security services specifically. Grigory Pasko, a co-founder of the group, expects the repression to increase ahead of the 2018 elections, and that “until 2024 there are no prospects in Russia for investigative journalism, opposition policy and free politics at all.” (Russian Service)

MOST READ/RUSSIA: Matvienko Instead of Medvedev?

New polls suggesting the growing unpopularity of Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev are explained by the fact that the “post-Crimean euphoria has gone, and the economic crisis remains,” says the Levada Center’s Natalia Zorkaya. Politician Vladimir Semago says Medvedev may be replaced by Valentina Matvienko, chairman of the Russian Federation Council, and that developments suggest the Kremlin may be probing her for this “unexpected role.” (over 60k views on Russian Service website)

PRESSROOM: Azerbaijan Seeks Court Action To Ban RFE/RL Website

PRESSROOM: RFE/RL Documentaries Win New York Festivals International Awards

PHOTOGALLERY: The Kurile Islands: Why World War II Never Ended

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