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INFOGRAPHIC: Military Might

These are the top spenders on defense over the past six years.


Thousands In Moscow Protest Attempts To Block Telegram

Thousands of demonstrators chanting,"Putin is a Thief!" have protested in downtown Moscow against the Russian government's efforts to block the Telegram messaging app.

May 1 ‘Monstrations’ Replace Ritual In Russian Cities

Demonstrators in dozens of Russian cities marked the May 1 holiday with “monstrations,” creative performances that appear to be apolitical, and yet use parody to make a point. The theme of this year’s rallies was “More north than North Korea.” (Current Time TV Facebook)

Armenian Protesters Block Highway As Pashinian Calls General Strike

Hundreds of people blocked a highway connecting Armenia's capital with its main airport early on May 2 following a parliamentary vote blocking opposition leader Nikol Pashinian from becoming prime minister.

Macedonian PM Links Name Issue To EU Referendum

Macedonian Prime Minister Zoran Zaev told RFE/RL that a referendum on changing his country's name could be held at the same time as a referendum on joining the European Union.


Largest Military Exercise Since Independence Starts In Estonia

An international military exercise in Estonia involving 13,000 troops from 16 countries began on May 2, and is the largest such drill to be held in the Baltic country since it regained independence from the Soviet Union in 1991.

British House Of Commons OKs Magnitsky Bill

Britain's House of Commons has approved a measure to impose sanctions against people deemed guilty of human rights violations, in memory of the late Russian lawyer Sergei Magnitsky.

EU Expected To Expand Russia Sanctions Over Presidential Poll In Crimea

The European Union is set to sanction five people for organizing the Russian presidential election in the annexed Ukrainian region of Crimea in March.

Russia’s Natural Resources Services Website Hacked In Telegram Protest

In a protest against Russia’s block of the Telegram messenger, hackers broke into the website of Russia’s Federal Natural Resources Management Service. Visitors to the site now encounter a cartoon image of the country’s media regulator burning down the internet with a flammable mixture of “bans and blockings,” while a dog modeled after one created by Pavel Durov, the app’s creator, sits nearby throwing paper airplanes. (Russian Service)

Medvedev Press Secretary Recommends VPN To Beat Telegram Ban

Natalia Timakova, spokesperson for Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, has reportedly advised a colleague in the State Duma to use a VPN connection to bypass the blocking of the Telegram messenger, writing on Facebook, “Install the VPN! It’s easy. And it works most of the time.” (in Russian, Current Time TV)

Russian Court Denies Medical Request To Hunger-Striking Prisoner In Crimea

Ukraine’s ombudsman is appealing for medical care for Volodymyr Balukh, a pro-Kyiv activist who was imprisoned in Crimea following the annexation and has been on a hunger strike for 43 days. A request by Balukh’s lawyers was denied by a Russia-backed court.

Security Beefed Up As Odesa Marks Deadly Clash

Security has been beefed up in Ukraine's Black Sea port city of Odesa as ceremonies commence to commemorate 48 people killed in a 2014 clash between pro-Ukrainian and pro-Russian demonstrators.

Uzbeks Suspected Of Plotting Attacks In Sweden

Sweden’s Secret Service has confirmed to RFE/RL that three people have been arrested for allegedly plotting a terror attack in Stockholm. An official familiar with the investigation said that those arrested are from the same region as Rakhmat Akilov, who killed 5 people and injured 14 in a terrorist attack in Stockholm in April 2017. (Uzbek Service, Current Time TV)

Turkey, Uzbekistan Sign $3 Billion In Deals

The leaders of Turkey and Uzbekistan have signed deals worth $3 billion as the two countries seek to put years of tension behind them and boost economic and cultural ties.

BLOGGING CENTRAL ASIA: Iran Offers Turkmenistan New Gas-Swap Deal To Pakistan

Majlis Podcast: No Longer Atambaev's Kyrgyzstan

PRESSROOM: RFE/RL Journalists Among At Least 25 Killed In Kabul Suicide Bombings

Two RFE/RL journalists were among at least 25 people killed in a pair of coordinated suicide bombings that rocked central Kabul near the headquarters of Afghanistan's intelligence agency on April 30.

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