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PHOTO TOUR: Taking A Ride On Siberia's Ice Highway
PHOTO TOUR: Taking A Ride On Siberia's Ice Highway


Taking A Ride On Siberia's Ice Highway


U.S.-Moldova Military Exercises Begin

Moldovan and U.S. troops began military exercises at a base near Moldova’s capital, Chisinau, aimed at strengthening inter-operability between the two countries' armed forces.

Kharkiv Activists Boycott Russian Banks

Activists urged Ukrainians to withdraw deposits and stop from taking new loans from banks owned by Russia. (Ukrainian Service)

Gardens Grow As Shells Fall In Avdiyivka

The people of Avdiyivka in eastern Ukraine have been surrounded by fighting for two years now, but locals are doing their best to carry on with their daily lives.

Undefeated: Kazakhstan's First Female Cage Fighter

Since exploding on to the cage fighting circuit eight months ago, Zamzagul Fayzollanova has won every one of her bouts. The 23-year-old is Kazakhstan's first female mixed martial arts fighter, and has quickly become a force to be reckoned with.


NYT: A First Lady And A Jailed Journalist

The New York Times calls on the UN to rescind the title of Unesco Goodwill Ambassador from Azerbaijan’s first lady Mehriban Aliyeva.

PODCAST: Power Vertical: All Mobbed Up

Mark Galeotti and Karen Dawisha join Brian Whitmore to discuss the Spanish probe into Russia's Tambov and Malyshev gangs.

Warsaw Lawyer Accused Of Spying For Russia

Poland has charged a Warsaw lawyer with dual Polish-Russian citizenship with spying for Russian military intelligence, a prosecutor has said.

European Police Say Russian Mafia Infiltrating Soccer Clubs

Portuguese and European police say they have broken up a cell of an important Russian mafia group that allegedly laundered money through European soccer clubs.

Putin To Discuss Kurile Islands With Japanese Leader

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe will meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin in the Black Sea resort of Sochi on May 6 to deepen ties and try to resolve the long-standing territorial dispute over the Kurile Islands.

Balcerowicz And Miklos Build Team Of Reformers

Polish and Slovak reformers Leszek Balcerowicz and Ivan Miklos, appointed as advisors to the Ukrainian government, are recruiting experts to help accelerate reforms in Ukraine, including Polish journalist Mirosław Czech, former Polish Interior Minister Ezhi Miller, and former Ukraine Finance Minister Viktor Pynzenyk. (In Ukrainian)

Report Finds Russian Military Managed Ukrainian Detainees

A Polish report on Russian war crimes in eastern Ukraine, under review by the International Criminal Court in the Hague, finds that 44 percent of detainees questioned said that Russian military personnel took part in interrogations or served in a managerial role. (In Ukrainian)

Crimea Still Poses Barriers To Russian Business

Two years after the annexation of Crimea, a lack of infrastructure and funding and fear of Western sanctions have deterred all but a few dozen Russian entrepreneurs from starting businesses on the peninsula. (In Russian)

Kazakh President Postpones Land Privatizations

Declaring “We do not need laws that our people do not like,” President Nursultan Nazarbaev has postponed a controversial plan to privatize state-owned agricultural land until 2017.

Kazakhstan Takes To SMS, Facebook To Ward Off Protests

Many Kazakhs checking their smartphones on May 6 may find a cautiously contrite message from the office of the country’s president informing them of a decision to postpone the plan to privatize state-owned agricultural land.

Armenia Looks To IT To Lift Economy

A quiet IT revolution in Armenia could dramatically change the country's economic outlook.

ANALYSIS: The Tipping Point Of Resistance

Four years after millions of demonstrators marched on Bolotnaya square in Moscow, Levada Center researcher Denis Volkov says that the current level of political discontent with authorities, at about 8 percent of the Russian population, is insufficient to mount a similar protest now. (In Russian)

ANALYSIS: In Afghanistan, Russia Strives To Compete Against The U.S.

The Kremlin appears to have embarked on a new policy aimed at turning Afghanistan into a setback or even a quagmire for Washington as part of a continuing campaign to strengthen Moscow’s “great power” status.

TURKEY NOTEBOOK: Behind Davutoglu’s Resignation

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