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Deminers project
Deminers project


Demining of the Donbas could take over a decade. Why does every square meter take so long?


Russian Rights Group To Preserve The Names Of Stalin's Polish Victims

The Moscow-based rights group, Memorial, plans to publish a book naming more than 6,000 executed Polish prisoners buried in 1940 in the village of Mednoye, which, together with the killings in Katyn Forest, were part of a mass execution of nearly 22,000 Polish officers and prisoners ordered by Soviet leader Josef Stalin.

Russian Soldier Backtracks On Claims Troops Were Tested On Willingness To Shoot Protesters

A Russian serviceman who was filmed saying his military base had surveyed troops on their readiness to fire at protesters has backtracked on the claims in a video released by the Defense Ministry, alleging his words had been distorted.

Putin's Purported Daughter Defends Dissertation

Katerina Tikhonova, who is said to be the daughter of Russian President Vladimir Putin, defended her dissertation on applied mathematics at Moscow State University on May 24. Cameras were not present when she spoke, but a Current Time journalist filmed her speaking on his mobile phone.

Georgian Activist Slams 'Draconian' Drug Laws

Last year, personal use of marijuana was decriminalized in Georgia, but Beka Tsikarishvili says his country's drug policies remain "draconian."


Zelenskiy Makes First Visit To Ukraine's Front Line

Donning a bulletproof helmet and vest over business attire, Volodymyr Zelenskiy made his first visit as president and supreme commander in chief to the front line of the war in eastern Ukraine with Russia-backed separatists.

Moscow Court Extends Pretrial Detention Of Ukrainian Sailors

A Moscow court has upheld a decision to extend the pretrial detention of 24 Ukrainian sailors captured by Russia in November 2018, in defiance of a UN maritime-tribunal ruling that they be immediately released.

Russia’s Growing Movement of ‘Soviet Citizens’

Two-thirds of Russia’s population professes nostalgia for the Soviet Union, motivated by economic concerns and the absence of a welfare state. Some have never acknowledged the collapse of the former Soviet state.

Blogger Charged With Insulting Authorities Over Putin Post

A Russian blogger who posted a meme mocking President Vladimir Putin has been charged under a controversial new law penalizing "disrespect toward the authorities."

Siberian Official Suspended For Body-Slamming State TV Journalist

A regional boss in eastern Siberia has been suspended by the ruling United Russia party after he body-slammed Ivan Litoman, a journalist from the state Rossiya-24 television channel.

Russia Considers Banning Publication Of Information On Property Ownership

Russia’s Ministry of Economic Development has proposed banning the publication of information from state real estate registries by third parties. Draft regulations envision substantial fines for publishing such information and an increase in fees by a factor of 20 to obtain it. (in Russian, Current Time TV)

Russian Oil Companies To Curtail Oil Exports

Russian media reports that, effective July 1, a number of Russian oil companies will reduce oil exports and increase the supply for the domestic market. In addition, the government plans to increase financial support for the suppliers, since exports currently bring a higher price. (Russian Service)

New Icebreaker Launched As Russia Seeks To Dominate Arctic

Russia has launched a new-generation nuclear-powered icebreaker as it looks to strengthen its position in the Arctic Ocean to capitalize on its growing commercial potential.

Kosovar Police Operation Fans Tensions With Belgrade

A police operation in mainly Serb-populated northern Kosovo has fanned Pristina's already tense relations with neighboring Serbia, prompting Belgrade to put its troops on full alert.

Romanian Ruling Party Leader Begins Prison Sentence For Corruption

Liviu Dragnea, the leader of Romania's ruling Social Democrat Party, has turned himself in to begin a 3 1/2-year prison sentence after the country's top court rejected his appeal against a 2018 conviction on corruption charges.

German, Uzbek Leaders Discuss Cooperation In Tashkent

German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier and Uzbek President Shavkat Mirziyoev have discussed bilateral cooperation in the Uzbek capital on the second day of Steinmeier's three-day official visit to Central Asia's most populous country.

Activist Gives Rare Glimpse Of Tajik Prison

Azamat Shambilov is one of few outsiders to have visited Tajikistan's Kirpichniy prison, the scene of a deadly riot on May 19. Head of Penal Reform International's office for Central Asia, Shambilov told RFE/RL's Tajik Service that one of the facility's major problems was the lack of separate cells, a "legacy of the Soviet Gulag."

Turkmen Keep President’s Foes In Ramadan Prayers

Imams in Turkmenistan’s state-controlled mosques are urging their flocks to curse enemies of President Gurbanguly Berdymukhammedov in their Ramadan prayers, a call that contradicts the values of the Muslim holy month.

POLL: Public Trust In Putin Falls To New Low

Public trust in Russian President Vladimir Putin has fallen to 31.7 percent, its lowest level since 2006, according to a poll by the state-run Public Opinion Research Center. Putin’s overall approval rating, which is different from his trust rating, is still high at 65.8 percent.

INFOGRAPHIC: Foreign Direct Investment In Russia? Not So Much.

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