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PHOTOGALLERY: The Soviet Union's Public Art Legacy
PHOTOGALLERY: The Soviet Union's Public Art Legacy


The Soviet Union's Public Art Legacy


The Daily Vertical: Russia’s ‘Terrorist’ Economist

It appears that giving the Kremlin sound economic advice can get you accused of collaborating with terrorists. Just ask Aleksei Kudrin

Savchenko Sworn In As Lawmaker, Urges Fight For 'Kremlin Prisoners'

Ukrainian military pilot Nadia Savchenko, released in a prisoner swap last week after spending two years in Russian custody, used her first appearance before Ukraine’s parliament on May 31 to press lawmakers to fight for the release of other Ukrainians held in Russia, whom Ukraine describes as political prisoners.

Chechen Whistle-Blower Apologizes To Kadyrov

A Chechen man, who lost his home after making a public appeal to Russian President Vladimir Putin to address corruption in his village, has issued a public apology to the republic's leader, Ramzan Kadyrov.

Kazakhs Raise Voices For Detained Activists

At a gathering on May 31 marking the repression of victims under Soviet leader Josef Stalin, opposition activists in Almaty demonstrated support for people detained in protests last month.


The Washington Post: Khadija Ismayilova’s Victory For Human Rights

Ukraine Arrests Two Suspected Islamic State Militants

Ukraine has announced it has detained two suspected Islamic State militants who were allegedly planning to travel to Western Europe to stage terror attacks.

Twitter Targets Accounts Parodying The Kremlin

Twitter suspended a string of popular accounts lampooning Russian officials, sparking accusations that the social-media giant is bending to pressure from the Kremlin and its allies.

Racist Russian Marketing Ploy Targets Obama

The banner advertising a car wash in the Far Eastern city of Blagoveshchensk is the latest addition to a growing list of public, racist displays in Russia targeting the U.S. president.

Treason And Espionage Cases Multiply In Russia

Several dozen scientists, entrepreneurs, police officers, and even mothers of small children were convicted of treason in Russia in the last two years on charges classified as “secret” and heard in closed court proceedings. Commenting on such cases, Zoya Svetova, a journalist and member of the Moscow Public Supervisory Commission, an NGO, says it’s a common scheme: “a person gets arrested, is placed in solitary confinement for ten days and receives a fabricated charge, then agrees with the charges to mitigate the sentence, making it very difficult to reverse the case.” (In Russian)

Russia Reverses Ban On Some Imported Foods

A May 27 decree has eliminated beef, poultry, and vegetables intended for the production of baby food from the list of embargoed products dating from 2014. (In Russian)

Ukraine Lowers Import Tariffs On Used Cars

Ending a long-running debate and, according to some, addressing one source of corruption, Ukraine will reduce the import tax on used cars effective June 1, in some cases lowering fees by a factor of 20. The lower tariffs do not apply to Russian-made cars. (In Ukrainian)

Documents Expose Corruption Inside Ukraine’s Party Of Regions

Documents leaked to Ukrainian media show that the budget for Ukraine’s then-ruling Party of The Regions for the first months of 2012 amounted to $66 million, and covered expenses that included $2 million to fund a separate political party of former president Viktor Yuschenko and expenditures linked to current Election Commission Head Mykhailo Ohendovskiy and Ukrainian lawmaker Evgen Geller. (In Ukrainian)

When A Rainbow Is Not Just A Rainbow

A group of Dutch political-protest artists have created a new app intended to give Russians a subtle -- and legal -- way to protest the country’s notorious law against gay "propaganda."

‘Slavery Index’ Slams Uzbekistan, Pakistan

A new report on global slavery ranks Uzbekistan and Pakistan among the worst offenders in terms of the number of people forced into modern slavery.

COMMENTARY: Moscow’s Long Arm In Belgrade

INFOGRAPHIC: The Governments That Try To Block Tweets

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