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The Color Of Russian History


Kyiv Says French National Planned 15 Terrorist Attacks

The Ukrainian Security Service says the French national arrested in Ukraine last month was planning to stage 15 terrorist attacks during the Europe 2016 soccer championship in France.

Russian PM Medvedev Visits Kyrgyzstan

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev visited Bishkek for talks with Kyrgyz leaders about Gazprom projects and other investments ahead of a meeting of the Commonwealth of Independent States planned for June 7.

Shelling Continues In Eastern Ukraine’s Marinka

Separatists shelled Ukraine-controlled Marinka village in the Donetsk region on June 6, with shooting reportedly beginning earlier than usual. (Ukrainian Service)


BUK Missile Part Found At MH-17 Crash Site In Ukraine

International investigators say they have found a Buk missile component at the crash site of Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 in eastern Ukraine.

Kremlin Accuses U.S. Of Holding Russian Mother 'Hostage'

Russian media is using a child custody case in Chicago involving the arrest of a Russian woman to accuse U.S. authorities of failing to protect the rights of Russian children and families.

Kadyrov Bridge An Artificial Controversy In St. Petersburg

Urban historian Mikhail Zolotonosov dismisses the controversy over the proposed Akhmed Kadyrov bridge as a political game used to distract people from more serious issues. Besides, he says, “in time, the bridge will be renamed again.” (In Russian)

Ukraine’s Oligarchy Strengthened By Foreign Financial Assistance

Head of the Brussels-based Open Europe center told RFE/RL that Ukraine may have been wiser to default on its massive debt, however painful the effects in the short-term. The analyst believes that international loans are strengthening Ukraine’s oligarchs as the middle class continues to suffer. (In Ukrainian)

Ten Years On, Chernobyl Fuel Now Stored

Ukraine’s Ecology Ministry announced on June 6 the completion of the 10-year task of containing the facility’s used nuclear fuel, which will now be stored in containers built with international financial assistance. (In Ukrainian)

In Zika-Risk Zone, No Buzz Despite WHO Warning

In breakaway Abkhazia, officials and vacationers show no concern about what the World Health Organization warns is a high risk of transmission of the Zika virus.

Why Do So Many Bad Things Happen To Western Kazakhstan?

The June 5 violence in Kazakhstan's northwestern city of Aqtobe may be one result of the country’s economic crisis, which has slowed the trickle of revenues to the major oil cities of western Kazakhstan.

The Taliban Offensive South Of The Turkmen Border

The Taliban spring offensive is well under way in northern Afghanistan, with fighting in all eight of the Afghan provinces that border Central Asia.

Kyrgyzstan Launches Legal Proceedings Against Centerra Subsidiary

Canada-based Centerra Gold company says Kyrgyz authorities have launched a probe against its subsidiary, Kumtor Gold, accusing the firm of abusing its authority and engaging in transactions that deprived Kyrgyzstan's largest gold field, Kumtor, of its assets.

MOST READ/RUSSIA: How Ukrainians Turned Out To Be Russia’s Enemies

According to a Levada Center poll, 48 percent of respondents designated Ukraine the “most unwelcome” nation in Russia, second only to the U.S., ranked “unwelcome” by 72 percent. Historian Andrey Zorin attributes the results to TV propaganda. “If [TV] says someone is good or bad, he is then regarded a friend or a foe.” (over 40K views on RFE/RL’s Russian Service website)

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