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INFOGRAPHICS: Tough On The Burqa

On June 26, the Netherlands became the latest European country to approve a partial ban on face coverings. Here’s how other European countries have addressed the issue.


EU Leaders Reach ‘Breakthrough’ Agreement On Migrants

EU leaders have reached a crucial deal on migration that envisions EU countries voluntarily establishing "control centers" to process migrants rescued at sea while also seeking to establish such centers outside Europe.

Oleg Navalny Released From Russian Prison After 3 1/2 Years

Oleg Navalny, the younger brother of Russian opposition politician Aleksei Navalny, has been released from prison after spending 3 1/2 years behind bars in the so-called Yves Rocher case.

Next-Generation Donetsk Celebrates Separatist Leader’s Birthday

Chanting “We are ready to go with you to hell!” and “There is no other father - Zakharchenko is the only one,” school children in the Russia-backed, self-declared Donetsk People’s Republic in eastern Ukraine have recorded a congratulatory video on the occasion of separatist leader Aleksandr Zakharchenko’s birthday. (60k views on Current Time TV, Facebook)

Serbia Reopens National Museum After 15 Years

For those who can’t make the trip, here’s a sneak preview of Serbia’s National Museum, set to upon on July 28 after renovations that began in 2003.

INFOGRAPHIC: How Europeans View Roma

Europeans generally have negative attitudes toward Roma, members of an ethnic group that lives on the margins of society who are frequently the victim of discrimination, prejudice, and hate -- as seen in recent attacks on their settlements in Ukraine.


EU Leaders Agree To Extend Sanctions On Russia

European Union leaders have agreed on June 29 to extend the bloc’s economic sanctions penalizing Russia for its aggression in Ukraine. It will now be up to EU ambassadors to rubber stamp the decision in the weeks to come.

Baltic States, Poland To Link Power Grids To End Russian Dependence

The Baltic states and Poland have signed an agreement to connect their power grids to the European Union network by 2025 in a bid to end their dependence on Russia.

Russia Says It Does Not Recognize Chemical Watchdog's Expanded Powers

Moscow has said it “does not recognize the legitimacy of the new mechanism" that was created within the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons by an overwhelming majority vote to identify who is responsible for chemical-weapons attacks.

Putin Says Russia Withdrew Many Troops, Aircraft From Syria

Russian President Vladimir Putin says more than 1,000 military personnel and dozens of aircraft have been withdrawn from Syria over the past several days, and that the withdrawal continues.

France Warns Russia's RT Over Claims Made About Syrian Chemical Attack

France's media regulator has issued a warning to RT France, the French outlet of Russia's state-run broadcaster, over its presentation of facts and claims made in a program about a chemical-weapons attack in Syria.

Russia Files WTO Suit Against U.S. Over Tariffs

Russia has reportedly filed a lawsuit with the World Trade Organization (WTO) against the United States for additional tariffs on steel and aluminum. The suit by the Ministry of Economic Development alleges that the sanctions violate numerous WTO rules. (Russian Service)

Russia, Belarus, Iran, Turkmenistan Among 'Worst Human Traffickers'

In a new report, the U.S. State Department says Belarus, Iran, Russia, and Turkmenistan remain among the worst offenders of human trafficking and forced labor.

Amnesty Sees Glimmer Of Hope For Peaceful Protesters In Russia

Amnesty International has cautiously welcomed a resolution by Russia’s Supreme Court to provide guidance for administrative cases concerning freedom of assembly, warning that it will mean “nothing” unless it is effectively implemented.

Medvedev Seeks To Promote Post-Cup Tourism To Russia

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has ordered the government to develop incentives to stimulate tourism to Russia and build on the legacy of the 2018 FIFA World Cup. (in Russian, Current Time TV)

Kyiv Police Arrest Suspects In Kidnapping Of Libyan Diplomat's Son

Authorities in Ukraine say they have arrested two Egyptian nationals suspected of kidnapping the son of a Libyan diplomat in the capital, Kyiv.

Georgia Sentences Saakashvili In Absentia

A court in Tbilisi has sentenced in absentia former Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili to six years in prison for exceeding his official authority by brutally assaulting a businessman who allegedly offended his wife in an interview. Saakashvili has said the case is politically motivated. (Russian Service)

Armenian Ex-President's Former Chief Of Security Arrested

The former head of Armenia’s security service has been arrested on charges of "illegal enrichment," and ordered held in pretrial detention for two months.

Kyrgyzstan Estimates 150 Citizens Dead Among 850 Deployed With IS In Syria

A senior Kyrgyz official says 150 Kyrgyz nationals have been killed in Syria fighting on the side of Islamic militants since the beginning of the country’s civil war in 2011. Kyrgyzstan's Antiterrorist Center estimates that a total of 850 Kyrgyz citizens joined Islamic State militants in Syria in recent years.

Turkmenistan Bans Persons Under 40 From Leaving

Turkmenistan has banned residents under the age of 40 from leaving the country, citing a lack of people to fill the country’s labor needs in some regions. The measure expands a previous ban that restricted travel among residents up to 30 years of age. (in Russian, Turkmen Service)

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