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Formula 1 - For Tourists Only? (RFE/RL Azerbaijani Service)
Formula 1 - For Tourists Only? (RFE/RL Azerbaijani Service)


The Daily Vertical: Duma Of The Absurd

As the State Duma adjourns, Brian Whitmore provides a quick review of the legislature’s absurdities and repressions.

NATO, Partners Begin Training Exercises In Ukraine

The 16th edition of the "Rapid Trident," an annual NATO-led training exercise, has kicked off in western Ukraine near the Polish border, bringing together troops from 11 countries, including the United States, Canada, Britain, and Turkey and non-NATO countries such as Ukraine, Georgia, and Moldova.

Poles Balance Security And Trade On Russian Border

Poles living next to the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad say they welcome NATO proposals to deploy troops in the region, but with their local economies dependent on Russian shoppers, they hope to keep friendly relations with their northern neighbors.

Kyrgyz Activists Demand Supreme Court Overturn Amnesty

Demonstrators in Bishkek rallied outside the Supreme Court building on June 28 protesting pardons given to officials convicted for deadly attacks on antigovernment demonstrators in 2010.


Russia Calls Former U.S. Ambassador 'Incompetent'

The remarks, made on June 28 by Russia’s Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova, have launched a fresh volley in an increasingly ugly war of words with U.S. counterparts.

Russian Upper House Poised For Legislative Marathon On Last Day

The Federation Council planned to consider a whopping 160 new laws on June 29, setting itself up for what one daily dubbed a possible "world record" as it scrambled to wrap things up before summer recess.

U.S. Approves Russian Overflights Despite Surveillance Concerns

The interagency decision references the Open Skies Treaty, a 14-year-old agreement that aims to increase transparency and international security by allowing member nations to fly over each other's territory and monitor military installations and other objects.

Putin, Erdogan Pledge To Repair Ties

President Vladimir Putin has called for the lifting of a ban on tourists traveling to Turkey after a phone call with his Turkish counterpart, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, that has both leaders pledging to restore damaged relations.

Russian Governor Starts Hunger Strike To Protest Arrest

Nikita Belykh, a Kirov regional governor and Kremlin critic, has started a hunger strike after being arrested on June 24 on charges of accepting a 400,000 euro ($444,000) bribe at a Moscow restaurant.

U.S., Ukrainian Investigative Agencies Sign Cooperation Agreement

The U.S. Embassy in Ukraine announced on June 29 an MOU according to which the FBI and Ukraine’s Anti-corruption Bureau will work together to combat international money laundering, bribery, and government corruption. (In Ukrainian)

Georgian Defense Minister Under Fire Over Decree

Georgian Defense Minister Tinatin Khidasheli jumped the gun, announcing without prior warning at a June 27 press conference that conscription of young men to serve in the armed forces has been suspended as of 2017.

Bosnia Braces For Much-Delayed Census Results

The results of Bosnia-Herzegovina's first postwar census are about to be released, and could spark new battles over how to share political power in the ethnically divided country.

Cousin Couples Rush To Altar To Beat Tajik Marriage Ban

Tajik officials say they have noticed an uptick in the number of applications for marriage licenses just before a law banning cousin marriages comes into effect on July 1.

MOST READ/RUSSIA: The Friendly Core Of Russia-China Relations

According to Russian sinologist Alexander Gabuev, China is using lucrative business deals to preserve its influence inside the Kremlin. Among the recipients of such largesse is Russian-Chinese Business Council Chairman Gennady Timchenko, who recently made several highly profitable deals with Chinese corporations and received $12 billion in loans on favorable terms. (over 27k views on Russian Service website)

PHOTOGALLERY: Ukraine Marks Constitution Day

INFOGRAPHIC: Which Europeans Pay The Most For Their Groceries?

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