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Fifty Shades Of Grey -- Tax Evasion Codes (RFE/RL Belarus Service)


A Two-Minute Primer On The Warsaw NATO Summit

The task of the Warsaw Summit, June 8 - 9, is to develop a response to Russia’s increased military activity, which is generating insecurity among the alliance’s members. Relations between the bloc and Russia have changed dramatically since Moscow annexed Crimea in March, 2014. (In Russian/Current Time TV)

U.S., Ukraine Forces Practice Hybrid War Scenario

The U.S. military is joining Ukrainian counterparts in the western Lviv region to gain experience in conducting hybrid warfare. (In Russian/Current Time TV)

Russians Protest Loss Of Green Spaces In Moscow

Several hundred environmental activists in Moscow held a rally to protest the loss of green space, contending that the Russian capital has lost the equivalent of about 1,000 soccer pitches in recent years.


NATO Holds Crucial Summit Amid Global Security Challenges

Western leaders gathering for a NATO summit say the alliance is determined to meet challenges posed by an aggressive Russia, Islamic State (IS) extremists, Britain's vote to leave the European Union, and conflicts that have prompted millions of people to seek refuge in Europe.

Putin Signs Contentious Counterterror Legislation

Rights advocates have denounced the new law, which increases the state’s surveillance capabilities, toughens up punishments and expands the definition of certain crimes, as unconstitutional and a blunt tool to suppress dissent.

7,000 Sign Petition Opposing New Anti-Terror Law

A website calling itself the Russian Public Initiative has launched a petition to overturn new counterterror legislation, claiming the law is expensive to implement and may lead to bankruptcies in the IT sector and reduced tax revenue for the state. (In Russian/Current Time TV)

Russian TV Airs Video Of Altercation Outside U.S. Embassy

Gazprom subsidiary NTV has aired purported footage of a June 6 altercation outside the U.S. Embassy between a Russian guard and a U.S. diplomat whom Moscow has called a spy.

Russians Petition To Disband National Soccer Team

Over 100,000 people have signed a petition calling for the wholesale firing and replacement of Russia's scandal-dogged national soccer team before the country hosts the World Cup in 2018.

Ukrainian Parliament Passes Laws To Bolster Military

The new laws provide employment assistance for combattants, amnesty for volunteer servicemen convicted of minor crimes, additional funds for the new ministry overseeing the “temporarily occupied” territories, and legal status for members of the country’s Special Operations forces. (In Ukrainian)

Naftogaz Puts Commercial Interests Before Politics

Ukraine’s state-owned oil company Naftogaz, which has relied on alternatives to Russian gas since last fall, says it may resume Gazprom purchases, as prices per one thousand cubic meters are cheaper by $30. (In Ukrainian)

Kyiv Renames 'Moscow Avenue' After Controversial Nationalist Hero

The nationalism-charged snub -- swapping out "Moscow" for "Bandera" -- is part of Ukraine's sweeping "decommunization" drive.

Belarus Accused Of Using Phone Networks To Stifle Dissent

A report by Amnesty International accuses authorities of using phone networks to conduct potentially limitless, unchecked surveillance to stifle free speech..

COMMENTARY: Outsourcing Russia’s War

Chechen war veteran Arkady Babchenko, speaking to RFE/RL about the use of private armed militias in conflicts worldwide, said the Russian private company Vagner CVK claims it is paid by Moscow to fight in Crimea and eastern Ukraine’s Donbas region. Babchenko says in the absence of legislation allowing Russian companies to provide contract fighters, they operate underground.

MOST READ/RUSSIA: “Runaway From A Hen-House”

Crimeans are fleeing their own beaches and heading to Turkey following the lifting of the travel ban, seeking quality service and comfort. (over 50K views on Russian Service website)

Balkans Without Borders: Russia Sowing Doubt And Fear In Belgrade

PRESS RELEASE: RFE/RL Calls for Turkmen Journalist’s Release

RFE/RL contributor Saparmamed Nepeskuliev has spent one year, mostly incommunicado, in a Turkmen prison.

INFOGRAPHIC: Slowing the Drawdown in Afghanistan

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