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The Unsolved Mystery Of Soviet Nukes In Czechoslovakia
The Unsolved Mystery Of Soviet Nukes In Czechoslovakia

The Unsolved Mystery Of Soviet Nukes In Czechoslovakia

This abandoned bunker about an hour northeast of Prague was a heavily guarded, top-secret facility at a time when the nuclear-armed forces of the Soviet bloc and NATO were squaring off across Europe.


Putin's Pistol-Packing Pensioners

These Russian pensioners burn dollars, smash iPads, and call Barack Obama "a cannibal." They call themselves "Putin's Troops" and now they're preparing a message for Donald Trump.

'We Don’t Have Anything': A Ukrainian Village On The Front Line

Seventy-eight-year-old Maria Horpynych lives in the front-line village of Opytne in eastern Ukraine. She lost her son and husband, and survives with no gas, electricity or running water.

Uzbekistan’s Forbidden Art Treasures

In a dusty town in the Uzbek desert, a collection of once-banned Soviet-era art worth hundreds of millions of dollars is finally attracting the world’s attention.

World Nomad Games Kick Off In Kyrgyzstan

Some 1,500 performers took part in the opening ceremony of the third World Nomad Games in Cholpon-Ata, Kyrgyzstan, on September 2.


Ukraine-NATO Joint Military Exercises Begin In Lviv Region

Ukraine has begun joint military exercises with 10 NATO countries in western Ukraine amid ongoing tensions with Russia over Moscow's illegal annexation of the Crimean Peninsula and the ongoing conflict in eastern Ukraine.

Putin Gets Love, Love, And More Love From New State TV Show

Russian state television’s fawning coverage of President Vladimir Putin has grown even more so with "Moscow. Kremlin. Putin." The new show devoted an hour of its September 2 premier to what it portrayed as the Russian president's grueling schedule, his passion for interacting with the public, and his ability to stay in such "amazing shape."

Zakharchenko, Killed By Bomb, Was A Thorn In Side Of Both Kyiv, Moscow

On August 31, a bomb ripped through a popular Donetsk cafe, killing Aleksandr Zakharchenko, the separatist warlord whose Russia-backed insurgents have carved out a “republic” in Ukraine roughly the size of the state of Delaware.

Crimean Town Evacuates Children After Chemical Breach At Factory

Authorities in Russia-annexed Crimea have suspended operations of the Titan factory, evacuated children and suspended schools for two weeks following the discovery of a harmful chemical outflow from the factory, which produces titanium dioxide pigment. Residents have reported fatigue, sore throat, and rashes in recent days, and claim that metal structures in the region have become covered with rust overnight. (in Russian, Current Time TV)

Russia's Beslan Marks 14th Anniversary Of School Tragedy

The southern Russian town of Beslan has marked the 14th anniversary of a school hostage-taking attack that ended with 334 people dead, including 186 children, after a botched rescue by Russian troops.

Chechen Refugee Forcibly Disappeared Hours After 'Unlawful' Deportation From Poland

Amnesty International has called on the Russian authorities to disclose the whereabouts of Azamat Baiduyev, a Chechen refugee who was forcibly disappeared hours after being deported to Russia from Poland last week.

Declassified Memos Offer Window Into ‘Bill And Boris’ Relationship

The transcript of a conversation between Russian President Boris Yeltsin and U.S. President Bill Clinton about Russia’s new prime minister Vladimir Putin is included in hundreds of pages of documents quietly published online last month by Clinton's official Presidential Library, in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Armenian PM Downplays Problems In Russian Relations

Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinian has downplayed problems in Yerevan's relations with Moscow, describing them as a "work process in its natural course." Speaking on Facebook on September 2, Pashinian also announced an upcoming visit to Moscow and plans to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Hungary’s Orban Vows To Develop Ties With Central Asian States

Speaking to journalists during a visit to Bishkek on September 4, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said it was an honor to be his country’s first prime minister to visit Kyrgyzstan. Referring to Hungary as Europe’s “easternmost Western people,” he vowed to “look after its cultural roots.”

Five Face Trial in Kazakhstan Over Bus Fire That Killed Uzbeks

A trial is under way in Kazakhstan against five men charged with responsibility for a bus fire in an isolated northwestern part of the country that killed 52 Uzbek citizens in January.

MOST READ/RUSSIA: FSB Tells Crimean Tatars ‘You Have No Rights Here’

The human rights NGO Crimea SOS has registered more than 181 cases of inhumane treatment since 2014, including 55 instances of torture, among residents of the Russia-annexed territory, many of whom are members of the indigenous Crimean Tatar community. (over 72k views on Russian Service website)

POLL: Majority Of Russian Business Owners Fear Inefficiencies And Risks

A “Capital Confidence Barometer” recently published by Ernst & Young finds that 84 percent of business owners in Russia are prepared to sell their businesses due to inefficiencies and risks, and only 32 percent are willing to invest in other projects in the country. (in Russian, Current Time TV)

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