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INFOGRAPHIC: Show Me The Money: Moscow's Massive Municipal Budget
INFOGRAPHIC: Show Me The Money: Moscow's Massive Municipal Budget

INFOGRAPHIC: Show Me The Money: Moscow's Massive Municipal Budget


Beached Pontoons And Irradiated Flotsam Offer More Clues To Mysterious Russian Explosion

Nearly a month after a mysterious explosion at a Russian naval test range that killed at least five people, a growing body of evidence strongly suggests that a botched salvage operation may have caused the blast.

For Ukrainian-Born Artist, A New York Garbage Truck Is A Canvas

Misha Tyutyunik, an artist born in Kyiv, has enlivened his Brooklyn neighborhood with vibrant murals. In one of his high-profile projects, conceived by the City of New York, he turned a garbage truck into a moving work of art.

Au Revoir, Gagarin: French Housing Named After Soviet Cosmonaut Coming Down

A Paris housing project named after the first human in space, Yuri Gagarin, is to be demolished. Officially opened in 1963 in the presence of Gagarin himself, the "Cite Gagarine" was built by the local French communist government.


Senator Cruz Says U.S. Has Ability To Halt Nord Stream 2

U.S. Senator Ted Cruz says that the United States has the ability to halt construction of a planned pipeline to send Russian natural gas to Germany, citing a 20-2 vote in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in July as a “pretty compelling" sign that there is support in Congress to pass the bill.

Finland Tightens Rules For Russians Getting Visas

As of September 1, Finland has tightened the rules for Russians applying for a visa. Helsinki says the changes are required to align the country with the rules of the EU's Schengen Area.

Berlin Police Seek Witnesses In Killing Of Ethnic Chechen

Police in Germany's capital are asking witnesses to come forward who may have seen a 49-year-old Russian who is suspected of killing Zelimkhan Khangoshvili, an ethnic Chechen Georgian national, on August 23, in a case that may have connections to Russian intelligence.

Dutch Prosecutors Want To Question Ukrainian Prisoner Over MH17

Dutch prosecutors say they want to question a "person of interest" in Ukrainian custody who they believe is directly connected to the downing of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 five years ago over eastern Ukraine.

Trump Picks Career Diplomat As New Envoy To Georgia

U.S. President Donald Trump has announced his intention to nominate career diplomat Kelly Degnan as the new U.S. ambassador to Georgia, a post that has been vacant for nearly a year and a half.

Russian Media Eyes September 7 For Prisoner Exchange

Russian media is reporting that a closely watched prisoner exchange between Russia and Ukraine may be planned for September 7, although September 1 and 3rd were earlier reported as possible dates. Kremlin Spokesman Dmitry Peskov has neither confirmed nor denied the information, calling the topic “sensitive.” (Russian Service)

Moscow Courts Reject Requests To Punish Parents For Bringing Kids To Rallies

Two Moscow courts have refused prosecutors’ requests to deprive two couples of their parental rights and seize their children after bringing their children to protest rallies last month.

Two More Activists Detained Over August 31 Moscow Rally

Police have detained the leader of the unregistered Libertarian Party, Sergei Boiko, and activist Mark Galperin for their roles in an unsanctioned rally in Moscow on August 31. Members of the Libertarian Party said Boiko was detained for announcing the rally on the Internet.

Russian Opposition Activist Granted Asylum In Armenia

Armenia has granted political asylum to Russian opposition activist Vitaly Shishkin, who spent four years in custody for his role in anti-government protests in Russia.

After Nixing Parliamentary Immunity, Zelenskiy Pushes For More Constitutional Changes

Allies of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy have added three draft laws to the parliament's agenda that would amend the constitution, drastically reduce the number of deputies, and set stricter rules for lawmakers.

Kazakhs Protest Chinese Money, Influence For Third Day

Protesters in Kazakhstan have gathered for a third day to pressure President Qasym-Zhomart Toqaev to cancel a planned trip to neighboring China over perceived corruption and mounting Chinese influence in the country.

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MAJLIS PODCAST: Will Kazakhstan’s Youth Wake The Country Up?

PRESSROOM: RFE/RL Russian Service Launches North.Realities Regional Site

North.Realities (Sever.Realii) is a new, dedicated website providing exclusive, local reporting on Russia’s North-West Federal District, direct from Kaliningrad, Vorkuta, Murmansk, Velikiye Luki, Petrozavodsk and St. Petersburg, and the places in between.

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