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THE POWER VERTICAL: When Spies Talk To Spies

Ukraine’s Security Service Chief spoke “officer to officer” with the head of the FSB, accusing Russia’s security services of organizing terrorist attacks in Odesa, Kharkiv, Kherson, and other Ukrainian cities.

Protests In Russia Support Burma's Rohingya

Tens of thousands gathered in Grozny, the capital of the Russian republic of Chechnya, to protest what they are calling a “genocide” against members of the Muslim Rohingya minority in Burma, also known as Myanmar.

Russian Theater Director To Remain Under House Arrest

A court in Moscow rejected a request for bail by Russian theater director Kirill Serebrennikov, who has been under house arrest on charges of embezzling around $1 million in state arts funding.

Drone Pilots Compete In Ukraine

Racers from around the region came to the Ukrainian town of Uzhhorod for the Eastern European Cup Drone Racing Championships.

Uzbeks Said Goodbye To Karimov One Year Ago

Uzbeks said their farewells to Islam Karimov, the country’s first president, one year ago. Karimov, who ruled the country for over 20 years, was called "doda" (father) by many. (over 455K views on Current Time TV Facebook)


$2.8 Billion Azerbaijani Slush Fund Reportedly Used To Sway European Politicians

Azerbaijan's ruling elite has operated a secret $2.8 billion slush fund for two years to pay off European politicians and make luxury purchases, according to an investigative report published by the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project.

Chechnya's Kadyrov Rallies Around Rohingya

A Russian campaign to support the beleaguered Rohingya Muslims of Burma, also known as Myanmar, was born over the weekend.

Russia Eyes Broader Law On 'Undesirables’

Russian lawmakers are considering new legislation that would enable the deportation of foreigners deemed to be interfering in the country's internal affairs, and impose criminal penalties on “undesirable” Russian citizens

Putin Says Russia May Order U.S. To Cut Further Diplomatic Staff

Russian President Vladimir Putin says his country reserves the right to demand further reductions in the number of U.S. diplomatic staff inside the country, but will not immediately call for further cuts.

Ukraine Calls For Security Council Investigation Of North Korea Missile Capabilities

Ukraine’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations Volodymyr Elchenko told RFE/RL that Ukraine supports a new investigation into the development of North Korea’s missile potential, adding that the Security Council had not discussed reporting by the New York Times linking North Korea’s successful missile test to rocket technologies from Ukraine. (Ukrainian Service)

Putin Says Tougher North Korea Sanctions 'Useless'

Russian President Vladimir Putin has voiced opposition to further sanctions on North Korea, and criticized what he called "military hysteria" following Pyongyang's sixth nuclear bomb test, saying it could lead to catastrophe.

Georgia Requests Saakashvili Extradited From Ukraine

Ukraine’s Justice Ministry has reportedly received a request from the Georgian Prosecutor-General's office to arrest and extradite Mikheil Saakashvili, the former Georgian president and ex-governor of Ukraine’s Odesa region, on charges of embezzlement and abuse of authority. (in Russian, Current Time TV)

French Court To Hear Case Of Journalists Accused Of Calling Azerbaijan 'Dictatorship'

A French court is set to begin hearing a lawsuit by Azerbaijan's government against two French broadcast journalists it accuses of defamation, in a case described by a media watchdog as an attempt by Baku to "export its censorship to France."

Uzbekistan's Black-Market Traders Brace For The Worst As Currency Reforms Take Effect

Under the new regulations effective September 5, the Uzbek som will no longer be pegged to the U.S. dollar, while restrictions on the amount of foreign currency individuals and companies can buy will be abolished.

Rights Groups Slam Turkmen Evictions Ahead Of International Games

Two human rights groups say homeowners and residents in Turkmenistan's capital have had to endure "massive housing violations" ahead of this month's Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games.

MAJLIS PODCAST: China's One Belt, One Road In Central Asia

PHOTO BLOG: Beslan: Three Days Of Terror

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