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RFE/RL Outraged At Data Disclosure Order Targeting Investigative Journalist In Ukraine
RFE/RL Outraged At Data Disclosure Order Targeting Investigative Journalist In Ukraine

RFE/RL Outraged At Data Disclosure Order Targeting Investigative Journalist In Ukraine


'Future Warriors': Ukrainian Students Schooled On Warfare

Students at a school near the front line in eastern Ukraine receive military training as part of a program to promote "patriotic education."

'Happiest Man On Earth': A Mobile Home, A Dog, And The Russian Road

Vasily Ozerov has been traveling around Russia in his tractor-powered mobile home for 40 years. “I'm probably the happiest man on Earth," he says. "I have the road ahead of me.”

Kyrgyz Sect Members Face Prison For Not Sending Kids To School

A Kyrgyz husband and wife have been convicted of child neglect for refusing to send their kids to public school. The family belongs to a secretive Muslim sect called Yaqyn Inkar, banned as an extremist group in Kyrgyzstan, which avoids contact with all public institutions.


Russia Warns Google That Posting Navalny YouTube Videos Is ‘Meddling’

Representatives of Russia's election commission, the prosecutor-general's office, and the state Internet watchdog say they have warned U.S. Internet giant Google against "meddling" in this weekend’s local elections by publishing YouTube videos produced by Kremlin foe Aleksei Navalny calling for mass protests. (Google owns YouTube.)

UK Prosecutors Name Two Russians Suspected In Skripal Case

British prosecutors have named two Russian men they believe poisoned former spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter, Yulia, with a deadly nerve agent in March, and released photographs of the suspects.

Chemical-Weapons Watchdog Confirms Novichok Killed British Woman

The substance that killed a woman in England in June was the same Novichok nerve agent that poisoned a former Russian agent and his daughter in May, the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons has confirmed.

ING To Pay $900 Million For Anti-Corruption ‘Shortcomings’

Claiming that "Clients for years were able to make use of ING bank accounts for criminal activities pretty much undisturbed,” Dutch prosecutors have order the Dutch bank ING to pay fines and other payments amounting to approximately $900 million for “serious shortcomings” in preventing financial crimes, including bribe payments by an international telecommunications provider to an Uzbek company.

Three Ex-Telia Executives Face Trial In $350 Million Uzbek Bribery Case

Former CEO Lars Nyberg and two other executives from Swedish telecom giant Telia have gone on trial in a high-profile bribery case for a mobile-phone license in Uzbekistan that involved the eldest daughter of the country’s late President Islam Karimov.

Russian Justice Ministry Seeks Control Over Foreign HIV/AIDS Programs

Russia’s justice ministry is proposing a new regulation prohibiting foreign NGOs from conducting programs to combat HIV/AIDS without receiving prior permission for specific programs from Russian authorities. The number of officially registered HIV-infected persons in Russia has doubled over the last five years, and now includes more than one million people. (Russian Service)

Dig Near Stalin-Era Mass Grave Looks To Some Like Kremlin Dirty Work

The Russian Military-Historical Society says digging is under way deep in the forests of Karelia in northwestern Russia to find the graves of World War II Red Army soldiers who may have been executed while prisoners of war by their Finnish captors. But locals are concerned.

INFOGRAPHIC: Russia's Mi-8: Would You Fly In One Of These?

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