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PHOTOGALLERY: The Thunder Of Hooves At The World Nomad Games
PHOTOGALLERY: The Thunder Of Hooves At The World Nomad Games


The Thunder Of Hooves At The World Nomad Games


Power Vertical: No Yalta In Hangzhou

Hangzhou wasn’t Yalta, the G20 wasn’t Munich, and Putin’s big bluff failed. The West may be getting better at resisting Putin’s headgames.

Russia's Norwegian Colony

On a Norwegian island high above the Arctic Circle, Russia maintains the small outpost of Barentsburg.

Kosovo Makes Historic Debut In World Cup Qualifying Match

Eight years after the country declared independence, soccer fans in Kosovo celebrated their nation's first appearance in a World Cup qualifying game.


Russian Group Memorial Inspected Under 'Foreign Agent' Law

Russia’s Memorial Human Rights Center says authorities have begun a surprise audit to determine whether it should be designated a “foreign agent.”

Sidelining Independent Pollster, Kremlin Takes Control Of The Narrative

Commenting on the Kremlin’s September 5 decision to register the Levada Center as a “foreign agent,” director Lev Gudkov told RFE/RL, "I think we are talking about the beginning of a new phase of political reactionism, the return of totalitarianism, and the significant strengthening of the hard-line bloc, with its KGB ideology from Soviet times.”

‘Defeat’ And ‘Destruction’ for Russia’s Independent Levada Center

Levada Centre Director Lev Gudkov told RFE/RL he will appeal the Kremlin’s decision designating the polling group a “foreign agent,” but fears he will lose and the organization could be closed. Gudkov attributed the decision to a recent survey showing declining public confidence in Russian President Vladimir Putin and the United Russia party. (In Russian)

Russian Environmentalists Slam U.S. Green Party Candidate For Putin Comments

An open letter criticizing U.S. Green Party presidential candidate Party Jill Stein has put the spotlight on some of Stein’s more controversial statements, as well as the increasing repression of Russian environmentalists.

Crimean Tatar Activist Released From Psychiatric Clinic

Noted Crimean Tatar activist Ilmi Umerov, the former deputy chairman of the Crimean Tatars' self-governing body, the Mejlis, has been released from a psychiatric hospital in Russia-annexed Crimea after being forcibly confined to the facility last month.

Former Georgian Premier Enters Election Campaign

Ahead of parliamentary elections on October 8, Georgian billionaire and former Prime Minister Bidzina Ivanishvili has begun to campaign on behalf of the Georgian Dream-Democratic Georgia party he founded in 2011.

Azerbaijani Author To Face Possible Hooliganism Charges

Akram Aylisli, who has endured years of intimidation after writing about massacres of ethnic Armenians in Azerbaijan, was summoned by the country’s Prosecutor-General's office in Baku on September 6.

The Last Days Of Islam Karimov

World-renowned neurosurgeon Juha Hernesniemi was in Helsinki at about 2 p.m. on August 27 when he received an urgent phone call from Uzbekistan.

PRESS RELEASE: Protests Grow Against Media Crackdown in Crimea

International media groups have called on Russian authorities to drop charges against Crimean journalist and RFE/RL contributor Mykola Semena and allow him to leave the peninsula to receive medical care.

MOST READ/RUSSIA: Running Away From A Troll Factory

In an account of her former job as a blogger paid by the Kremlin to generate pro-government content on the internet, Olga Maltseva told RFE/RL, “I was writing 12 posts daily on political topics, mostly about Ukraine, presenting opinions about the country from the perspective that was required.” (Over 40k views on Russian Service website)

INFOGRAPHIC: 'Putin's' Party Losing Popularity

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