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 Ear Plugs - To Comply With The Ceasefire (RFE/RL Ukrainian Service)
Ear Plugs - To Comply With The Ceasefire (RFE/RL Ukrainian Service)


VOX POP: Why The U.S. Continues To Impose Sanctions On Russia

In an informal street poll in Moscow, no respondents connected the sanctions with Russia’s aggression in Ukraine. Most struck a defiant note, claiming that sanctions are a “political game,” a policy motivated by Americans’ fear of Russia’s strength, or the result of hatred toward Russia by the United States. (In Russian)

Chechen First-Graders Pray For Kadyrov On First Day Of School

In a Chechen primary school on September 1, a teacher called on the children to pray for “Ramzan Haji” (Ramzan the Holy), and asked Allah to "give him to us for many years." (In Russian, Current Time TV)

Clashes In Kyiv Over Alleged Illegal Construction

Tear gas, stun grenades and flares filled the air of the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv, after residents accused a developer of illegally seizing land to build an apartment complex.

Ukrainian Women Soldiers Wear The Flag

Ukraine’s women cadets of the National Army Academy have launched a new sartorial trend to demonstrate their patriotism, weaving their hair with blue and yellow flowers. (In Ukrainian)


U.S. Calls Russian Airborn Intercept 'Unprofessional'

In a near-miss encounter, officials say Russian jets repeatedly intercepted U.S. naval reconnaissance planes over the Black Sea on September 7, at one point flying within 10 feet of one of the planes.

Did Mitt Romney Really Say He Intends To ‘Destroy Russia’?

A photograph on Russian social media appears to show a senior Russian general using a fake quotation attributed to former U.S. presidential candidate Mitt Romney declaring Washington's intention to "destroy Russia."

EU Extends Russia Sanctions Over Ukraine

The Council of Europe, citing Russia’s violation of Ukraine’s territorial integrity, voted on September 7 to extend sanctions, due to expire on September 15, for an additional six months. (In Ukrainian)

Ukrainian TV Station Releases Footage Showing Apparent Attack

A popular Ukrainian TV channel has released what it says is footage of an arson attack on its Kyiv studios, an incident that has increased concerns over threats to media freedom.

Contending With Snitching In Crimea

Since Russia’s annexation of Crimea in 2014, the practice of “snitching” has become popular, and is even encouraged, by the peninsula’s Moscow-backed authorities. Human rights groups have instructed persons to insist on a proper warrant and a lawyer if summoned for questioning by Russian law enforcement agencies. (In Russian)

Russia’s Quiet Network In The Czech Republic

Ondrej Kundra, author of a book, Putin’s Agents, which examines Russian influence in the Czech Republic, told RFE/RL that Russia has targeted the country because of its communist ties and its geopolitical location, with the aim of conducting technical espionage, influencing policymakers, and splitting Czech public opinion. (In Russian)

Armenian Prime Minister Resigns Amid Economic Troubles And Unrest

In a widely anticipated decision, Armenian Prime Minister Hovik Abrahamian announced his resignation to his cabinet on September 8, citing his government’s failure to address the country’s economic and political challenges.

Kazakh Prime Minister Sacked

Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbaev has dismissed Prime Minister Karim Masimov and appointed him chairman of the Committee for National Security.

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PRESS ROOM: RFE/RL Experts Discuss Regime Succession In Uzbekistan

INFOGRAPHIC: How Russia's 'Foreign Agents' Law Gathered Steam

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