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The Successor Should Be Young…….But Seasoned


Power Vertical: Not Quite A Theocracy, But….

The case against Pokemon Go player Ruslan Sokolovsky shows that you can be prosecuted in Russia for merely questioning the existence of God.

Belarus Activists Demand Lukashenka Resign

Protesters demanding free and fair elections formed a ring around opposition politicians to stop police from interfering with a demonstration in central Minsk.

Muslims Celebrate Eid al-Adha

Muslims around the world celebrated Eid al-Adha, the festival of sacrifice in which sheep and other animals are slaughtered as a symbolic supplication to God.

Russia’s Primorye Struggles After Typhoon

A rare typhoon has devastated the village of Krnoukova in Russia’s far eastern Primorye region, washing away its only connection to the mainland and leaving locals wondering if they will be compensated for losses. (In Russian, Current Time TV)


United Russia Campaigns In Crimea

Members of the Crimean branch of Russia’s United Russia political party have been afforded access to state-run media and other resources, and have been accused of pressuring voters and taking bribes, in the final days of campaigning before Russia’s September 18 parliamentary elections. (In Russian)

Openly Gay Candidates Contest Russia's Duma Elections

Bulat Barantayev from Novosibirsk and Aleksei Korolyov from Krasnodar are among the first openly gay men in Russian history to run for election to the country’s Duma.

Russia's Children's Rights Commissioner Questioned About Womb-Memory Science

Russia's new children's rights commissioner, Anna Kuznetsova, faces scrutiny for views she reportedly expressed in 2009 about telegony, the widely debunked theory that every sexual partner a woman has ever had can physically and emotionally influence a child she gives birth to.

Meager Opposition Gains In Belarus Don't Erase Election Doubts

For the first time in 20 years, official election results in Belarus show that candidates who are not allies of President Alyaksandr Lukashenka have won seats in parliament -- two seats out of 110, to be exact.

Belarus Photographer Loses Copyright Battle

A Belarusian photographer’s rare photo of the Northern Lights above Minsk was judged as having no artistic merit, but a state-run television network made use of it, comparing its hues to the red and green colors used in the country’s Soviet era flag.

COMMENTARY: Are Uzbekistan's Ties With China Headed For Change?

The uncertainty surrounding Uzbekistan's leadership transition has caused particular alarm in China, where policymakers fear losing leverage over their most important Central Asian partner.

PHOTOGALLERY: Protests Against Election Falsification In Belarus

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