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The Government - The Opposition -- Checkmate. (RFE/RL Russian Service)
The Government - The Opposition -- Checkmate. (RFE/RL Russian Service)


Armenian Police Clear Protesters as Electric Yerevan Reignites

In a resumption of the public stand-offs that led to violence this past July, police in Yerevan used force on September 12 to push scores of demonstrators out of a central street they were blocking to protest a hike in electricity prices.

At Least 20,000 Call On Government To Resign In Moldova

At least 20,000 people are protesting in Moldova’s capital, demanding the resignation of President Nicolae Timofti and the government following a bank scandal involving the disappearance of some $1 billion.

VOX POP: Muscovites Voice Support for Military Intervention in Syria

RFE/RL’s Current Time TV program asked people in the Russian capital if they were concerned about reports of growing military presence in the war-torn Middle Eastern country.


Opposition Loss All-But-Official In Russian Regional Elections

As Russians awaited official word on the outcome of national regional and local elections, the results did not look good for the opposition. The Kostroma regional electoral commission cited preliminary results indicating that the opposition party Parnas had secured just 1.98 percent of the vote in the only province where it was allowed on the ballot. The Russian monitoring group Golos said it had registered more than 1,700 suspected violations across the Federation, including more than 800 on election day.

Power Vertical PODCAST: The Donbas Calm

The guns have fallen relatively silent in eastern Ukraine amid a flurry of diplomatic activity. Brian Whitmore and guests discuss the recent calm in the Donbas conflict and what it may mean.

International Celebrities Are Pursued To Promote Crimea

An open letter from Sergey Aksenov, the prime minister of Russian-annexed Crimea, inviting sports and entertainment celebrities of the world to the peninsula, joins efforts by the heads of several other Crimean cities to recruit high-profile guests with promises of land for free or at a "big discount.” (Current Time TV, Russian)

Nemtsov’s Daughter Asks To Reclassify The Charges In Her Father’s Murder

According to her lawyer Vadim Prokhorov, Zhanna Nemtsova is seeking to reclassify her father’s homicide earlier this year from a “murder” to an "attempt on the life of a state or public figure." No one has any doubt “that Boris Nemtsov was killed not for personal or domestic reasons, but for his political and social activities," said Prokhorov. (In Russian)

American Boxer Roy Jones Received Russian Citizenship

Russian President Vladimir Putin granted Roy Jones Jr. Russian citizenship. The American boxer, who met with Putin in Crimea on August 19 to discuss getting a Russian passport, will train Russian boxers and promote a sober lifestyle. (Current Time TV, Russian)

Don't Get Married, Pick Cotton, Uzbek Authorities Say

With the launch of the cotton harvest, it's downtime for the wedding business in Uzbekistan's Samarkand province. Local authorities have instructed restaurants and other wedding venues not to host wedding banquets -- or any parties at all -- until the cotton-picking campaign is complete.

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