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Russia’s Local Elections
Russia’s Local Elections


Ukrainians Struggle On Russia's Frontiers

A town split between Russia and Ukraine has had a border running through it for decades, but recent enforcement by both sides has made life difficult for many in the area.

Reefer Madness? Georgia Mulls Exporting Marijuana While Keeping Private Sales Criminal

Georgian marijuana activists are hoping a controversial bill to allow cannabis to be cultivated and sold for export could lead to the full legalization of the drug within the country.

Serbian Prime Minister, Belgrade Mayor Attend Gay Parade

Hundreds of participants in an LGBT pride parade in Belgrade were joined by the city's mayor, Zoran Radojcic, Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabic, who is herself a lesbian, and a number of ambassadors on September 16.


Putin, Erdogan To Meet In Sochi For ‘Serious’ Syria Talks

The presidents of Russia and Turkey are set to meet on September 17 for what the Kremlin described as “very serious” talks about Idlib, the last rebel stronghold in northwest Syria.

Mattis Warns Against Russian 'Influence Campaigns' Ahead Of Macedonia Referendum

U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis arrived in Macedonia on September 17 with a warning that Russia was attempting to use its money and influence to build opposition to the upcoming referendum on changing the former Yugoslav republic’s name.

Switzerland Demands Russia 'End Illegal Activities' After Two Suspected Spy Cases

A diplomatic war of words between Switzerland and Russia has intensified, with the Swiss demanding that Moscow cease spying activities on its territory after two suspected espionage cases came to light in recent days.

In New Claim, Moscow Denies MH17 Missile Came From Russia

The Russian military has made a new claim about the 2014 downing of passenger jet Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, asserting that the missile used in the attack was sent to Soviet Ukraine after it was made in 1986 and never returned to Russia.

Novichok Suspects: Gay Or Not Gay? That Is Russian State Media's Question

"Living together is merrier and easier, it's normal," explained Ruslan Boshirov as he appeared to defend himself during an RT interview against the suggestion that he and fellow Novichok-poisoning suspect Aleksandr Petrov had slept in the same bed during their March trip to England.

Russian Activist Verzilov Doing 'Better' After Possible Poisoning

Russian activist Pyotr Verzilov, a member of the anti-Kremlin punk band Pussy Riot and the dissident art troupe Voina, is doing better since he arrived in Berlin for treatment following a suspected poisoning, friends say.

Russian Orthodox Church Warns Of Violence As It 'Cuts Ties' With Bartholomew

The Russian Orthodox Church has announced it will no longer take part in structures chaired by the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople, and that a deepening rift in Orthodox Christianity over the Ukrainian Church’s bid to formally break away from Russia’s orbit may lead to violence.

Poroshenko Terminates Friendship Treaty With Russia

President Petro Poroshenko signed a decree on September 16 withdrawing Ukraine from a 1997 treaty of “friendship, cooperation and partnership” with the Russian Federation. Anticipating the move in August, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said then that “bilateral relations are undoubtedly in a state that is difficult to imagine being damaged any further.” (Ukrainian Service)

Ahead Of Referendum, Thousands March In Macedonia In Favor Of Name Change

Thousands of Macedonians marched in the capital, Skopje, in support of a move to change the country’s name and for eventual NATO and European Union membership.

Kyrgyz Physicians Arrested Over Sale Of Babies

Kyrgyz authorities have detained several individuals over the sale of newborn babies, including one case in which hospital staff falsely told parents that their child had died at birth.

MAJLIS PODCAST: Handshakes And Punches As Tajik Government, Opposition Meet

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