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RFE/RL Welcomes European Court Ruling On Ukrainian Journalist’s Cellphone Data
RFE/RL Welcomes European Court Ruling On Ukrainian Journalist’s Cellphone Data

RFE/RL Welcomes European Court Ruling On Ukrainian Journalist’s Cellphone Data

RFE/RL welcomed a European Court of Human Rights decision ordering the Ukrainian government to “ensure that public authorities abstain from accessing” cellphone data belonging to RFE/RL Ukrainian Service journalist Natalia Sedletska.


Clashes Near Ukrainian Parliament Leave Four People Injured

The Red Cross reports that at least two police officers and two civilians have been injured in clashes near the Ukrainian parliament during protests by right-wing radical groups demanding that a foreigner who fought with Ukrainian forces in the country’s eastern Donbas region be granted citizenship. (Ukrainian Service)

Is Ukraine Soccer Slogan ‘Glory To Ukraine!’ A Rallying Cry Or A Fascist Call?

The Ukrainian men's national soccer team has new jerseys reading "Glory to Ukraine!" - a slogan that has been increasingly embraced in Ukraine since the 2014 ouster of Kremlin-friendly President Viktor Yanukovych. But Russian officials have denounced the phrase as a fascist call.

Singer's Feminist Video, Purple Bra Have Some Kyrgyz Seeing Red

A 19-year-old singer has set off a debate over freedom and feminism in Kyrgyzstan, with many complaining about the way she is dressed in her music video.

PHOTOGALLERY: The Secrets Of Stalin's Seven Sisters

After the skyscrapers of Manhattan captured the world’s imagination in the early 20th century, Soviet Union planners wanted their slice of the sky, too.


Israeli Air Force Chief Travels To Moscow Amid Shoot-Down Anger

The chief of the Israeli Air Force is traveling to Moscow on September 20 for discussions after a Russian military surveillance plane was shot down over Syria’s coast, killing 15 Russian service-members.

Russian Election Authorities Annul Kremlin Win In Marred Regional Vote

Electoral authorities in Russia's Far Eastern Primorye region annulled the result of a disputed gubernatorial runoff vote, in which the Kremlin-backed candidate won, after the country's top election official said it was marred by "serious violations.".

Police Shrug At Homophobic Slurs As Russian Meme Convictions Mount

Internet users in Russia have faced criminal hate-speech charges for mocking religion on social media. But when an LGBT activist complained about online comments saying "faggots should be pummeled" or "snuffed out," police said no laws were broken, and that sexual minorities are not protected under hate-speech laws.

Duma Restricts Foreign Aliens To Regions Where Spouse Or Dependents Reside

Russia’s State Duma has approved a bill restricting residency options for foreigners with family members in Russia. According to the bill, a foreigner, following marriage, may obtain a temporary residence permit to settle only in the area where his or her spouse, children, or parents are registered. (in Russian, Current Time TV)

Russian Population Decreases By Nearly 100,000 In 2018

Russia’s Federal State Statistics Service reports that the country’s population has decreased by 91,900 people during the first 7 months of 2018. The service projects that if the trend continues, 2018 will be the first year since 2009 that Russia registers a net population decline. (Russian Service)

WADA Proposal To Readmit Russian Anti-Doping Agency Sparks Outcry

Dozens of athletes, a key Russian whistle-blower, and the World Anti-Doping Agency’s (WADA) deputy head have expressed opposition to the reinstatement of Russia's anti-doping agency (RUSADA) this week.

Name Your Poison: Exotic Toxins Fell Kremlin Foes

The suspected poisoning of anti-Kremlin activist Pyotr Verzilov in Moscow -- just months after nerve-agent poisonings in Britain that led to one death and left three others severely ill -- conjures up memories of other Kremlin foes who have fallen victim to toxic attacks in the Vladimir Putin era and before. Here's a closer look at poisons thought to have been used in prominent international and domestic toxic attacks involving Russians.

Ukrainian Journalists Use #Flash Mob To Demand Answers From Prosecutor General

Journalists from more than 15 publications in Ukraine sent information requests to Prosecutor-General Yuriy Lutsenko and launched the Facebook flash mob #Lutsenko_Give_An_ Answer (#Луценко_дай_відповідь) to determine how he intends to comply with an ECHR ruling banning authorities from accessing cellphone data belong to RFE/RL journalist Natalie Sedletska, and whether investigators have already received information since a Kyiv court approved a request for such data on August 27. (Ukrainian Service)

Ukraine Set To Inform Russia of Termination Of Friendship Treaty

Ukraine says it will officially notify Russia on September 21, and all relevant organizations, including the United Nations, that it will not extend a 1997 treaty of friendship, cooperation, and partnership with Moscow.

Putin, Orban Push For Controversial Hungarian Nuclear-Plant Expansion

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban have agreed to move ahead with a project to build two new reactors at Hungary's Paks nuclear-power plant.

Top Romanian Social Democrats Urge Party Leader To Resign

Top politicians in Romania’s ruling Social Democrats party (PSD) have called on party leader Liviu Dragnea to step down over criminal corruption convictions and other violations.

AFPAK FILE PODCAST: What’s Next For The Haqqani Network?

In this first edition of the AfPak File, a new podcast series jointly hosted by RFE/RL and the Woodrow Wilson Center, experts discuss the impact Haqqani’s death may have on the Haqqani Network, war and peace in Afghanistan, the U.S.-Pakistan relationship, and more.

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