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Russia To The Rescue (Current Time TV)
Russia To The Rescue (Current Time TV)


A Look Inside Moscow's Largest Mosque

A 46 meter-high gold leaf dome and handcrafted stone walls are among the grand features of the new Moscow Cathedral Mosque. (Current Time TV)

Savchenko Trial Opens In Russia

The trial of Ukrainian pilot Nadia Savchenko has begun in Russia. She is accused of involvement in the killing of Russian journalists in a case widely viewed as an effort by Russia to pressure Ukraine.


Russian Capital Transfers Reached $150 Billion in 2010-2012

The Global Financial Integrity Fund (GFI) reports that Russia has experienced among the highest rates of capital withdrawal of any country over the last two decades, with $1.341 trillion transferred out of the country between 1994 - 2012. (Current Time TV)

Pressure Mounts On Russian Politician

The regional assembly of Russia's northwestern city of Pskov is expected to vote today on expelling Lev Shlosberg, a deputy with the liberal opposition Yabloko party, whose bold criticism of the authorities has drawn nationwide attention.

Russians Split Over Elections’ Fairness

A Levada Center poll finds that Russians are split evenly over their views of whether the recent local elections were “fair” or “unfair,” with responses totaling just over 30 percent for each side. The remaining 30 percent is “undecided,” and “habit” was cited across categories as the main reason for voting. (In Russian)

Russian Environmental Group Returns DiCaprio’s Donation

After being labeled a "foreign agent," the Sakhalin Environment Watch, one of Russia’s oldest environmental organizations, announced it would return more than $150,000 in donations from Leonardo DiCaprio's foundation.

Ukraine Puts Russian Special Forces Soldiers On Trial

Two Russian soldiers, Yevgeny Yerofeyev and Alexander Alexandrov, who were captured in Eastern Ukraine, were indicted yesterday by Ukraine’s military prosecutor. Their trial is scheduled to begin on September 29. (In Russian)

Instead Of St. Petersburg, Polish Students Were Brought To Crimea

A group of Polish students who won a Kremlin-sponsored contest about Russia were promised a visit to St. Petersburg as their prize, but were taken to Simferopol, the capital of Russian-annexed Crimea, instead. (Current Time TV)

Elections In Kyrgyzstan

On October 4, Kyrgyzstan, Central Asia’s only parliamentary democracy, will conduct what are, arguably, the most important elections in the region’s post-Soviet history. Bruce Pannier is blogging from the region.

WATCH: Experts from Bishkek, Washington, and Prague gathered for this edition of RFE/RLive to discuss the voters, the candidates, and the issues at stake.

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