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How Much Money Does Central Asia Owe China?

China is one of the main creditors for all of Central Asia’s countries. How much do these countries owe to China and are they completely equal partners? Current Time Asia’s Zhazgul Egemberdiyeva explains.

Some Shall Pass: Russia's Bizarre Border Blip With Estonia

In eastern Estonia, it’s possible to briefly enter Russia without any paperwork, but some unusual conditions apply.

How Leonid Met Aleksandr And Together They Took A Stand

Leonid was born in a small town in Russia's Far East, where his mother beat him for being gay. When he finished school, he left home and met Aleksandr, with whom he now campaigns for LGBT rights.

Struggling To Survive In Kazakhstan's Uranium Ghost Town

It once was a proud and prosperous part of the Soviet Union’s robust uranium-mining industry, but after mining stopped in 1998, residents of Saumalkol in northern Kazakhstan say their home has become a ghost town.


Russia Accuses U.S. Of 'Outrageous' Act In Denial Of Visas For UN Meeting

Russia has accused the United States of breaching its international obligations by failing to issue visas to 10 members of the Russian delegation to the United Nations General Assembly in New York this week. Washington has said Russian officials failed to provide application materials in a timely manner.

Moscow Declares Alleged CIA Mole Missing, Launches Search

Russia's Interior Ministry says Oleg Smolenkov, a former Kremlin official, whom media reports have called a CIA informant, has been officially declared missing. Earlier this month, U.S. media reported that a CIA informant in the Russian government had been extracted and brought to the United States in 2017.

Russian Journalist Prokopyeva Accused Of ‘Publicly Justifying Terrorism’

Russian investigators have presented the Pskov-based journalist Svetlana Prokopyeva with charges of publicly justifying terrorism. The charges cite a commentary she gave to the Pskov affiliate of the broadcaster Ekho Moskvy in November 2018, one month after a teenager exploded a suicide bomb at security service headquarters in the northwestern city of Arkhangelsk. (Russian Service)

Inside The Moscow Mayor's Influence Machine

Milena Mebius was one of the many Russians driven to outrage when actor Pavel Ustinov was sentenced to 3 1/2 years in prison for allegedly dislocating the shoulder of a police officer during an unsanctioned demonstration on August 3. The huge number of sometimes vicious pro-Kremlin comments that quickly appeared under the statements of support for Ustinov caught her attention because, until last year, Mebius herself had been paid to write such things.

Ukrainian Delegation Boycotts PACE

The Ukrainian delegation to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe has formally refused to participate in the fall session starting September 30 in order to protest the return of the Russian Federation “without fulfilling the requirements of the Assembly’s resolutions adopted in response to Russian aggression against Ukraine,” a statement by the delegation says. (in Russian, Current Time TV)

Zelenskiy Signs Law On Impeachment

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy has signed the country’s first law on impeachment. The law requires a vote by three-quarters of the chamber’s deputies, in contrast to most other legislation that requires only a majority to approve. Critics called it problematic, and said it was passed in violation of parliamentary procedures. (Ukrainian Service)

Ukraine's Sentsov Says Fighting Against Putin Regime, Not Russia

Oleh Sentsov, the Ukrainian film director who was imprisoned in Russia for more than five years, has accused Russian authorities of wanting to "enslave" Ukraine, and he called on all Ukrainians to work to end the ongoing war in the eastern part of the country. (Full interview in Russian)

Yanukovych Lawyer Says His Client Plans To Return To Ukraine

The lawyer of fugitive Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych has reportedly said his client plans to return to Ukraine. In January this year, Yanukovych was found guilty of treason and aiding and abetting the conduct of an “aggressive war against Ukraine by Russia.” (in Russian, Current Time TV)

U.S. Soldier Sought To Fight With Far-Right Ukrainian Paramilitary Group

U.S. prosecutors say a U.S. Army soldier allegedly plotted to bomb a U.S. news network, and sought to travel to Ukraine to fight with a far-right nationalist paramilitary group known as the Azov Battalion.

Former NATO Ambassador Volker Warns Of ‘Backsliding’ In Georgia

A former U.S. diplomat says he has never seen Georgia so politically divided and warns that the country could retreat from the democratic progress it has made.

Former Armenian Police Chief Found Dead At Home

Former Armenian police chief Hayk Harutiunian has been found dead in his house in Yerevan with a gunshot wound to his head. Police officials have said that a preliminary investigation suggested suicide.

Uzbekistan Turns To Foreign Social-Media Stars To Boost Tourism

In an effort to boost tourism, Uzbekistan -- once one of the most closed countries in the world -- has invited a Portuguese couple, along with nearly 100 other international social-media influencers, to wow their followers with creative photos and videos featuring its ancient cities.

Turkmen Leader Pardons Hundreds Of Convicts Ahead Of Independence Day

Turkmen President Gurbanguly Berdymukhammedov has pardoned 868 prisoners as part of the country's celebrations of Independence Day, on September 27.

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AFGHANISTAN: Fear, Fatigue Threaten Afghan Presidential Vote

INFOGRAPHIC: Enforced Disappearances In Turkmen Prisons

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